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We at shoescentric are a small team of freelancers who provide a detailed analysis of the best shoes that may help you to walk, jog and run comfortably.

There are many out there who would pitch a salesy appeal to you to promote their products so that they may earn an affiliate commission. While this may be true for the majority, we at shoescentric ensure that only credible and authentic information is given to its readers.

We consult a detailed team of shoe experts in all fields, be it running shoes, walking shoes, work shoes or safety shoes. These highly proficient experts and gurus go through the products carefully. After prudent deliberation, our team picks the best products and presents it to you for your satisfaction.

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Many of you might be hunting for shoes that may live up to your expectations. Perhaps, your previous pair of shoes did not work for you. Or maybe you did go through some online blog that compelled you to take a wrong decision. However, shoescentric is different in this regard. We only promote those products that we are 100% sure that they will add value to your life.

In fact, there are many conditions of feet that many of us do not know. Flat feet and plantar fasciitis are one of those conditions that may hamper your performance. We at shoescentric are aware of the medical conditions you are facing. So, we give you the best recommended shoes that will help you to recover from such medical conditions.

We believe in maximizing customer satisfaction and providing value to you. The content produced at shoescentric goes through a rigorous process of editing so that up to date information is disseminated to you. This not only helps you to make the wise decision but will also save you from incurring innumerable costs associated with one wrong decision.

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