12 Best Basketball shoes for ankle support (updated 2021)

Why is it essential to buy the best basketball shoes for ankle support? Basketball is a game that can easily injure an ankle in a matter of seconds. Most basketball players resort to buying products that provide better protection of the ankles and results in minimal injuries like tearing of the ligament. 

One way of providing support to your ankles is to buy the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Shoes with ankle support stabilize the ligaments and other structures in your ankle. It also provides better movement as it proves that wearing ankle support shoes reduces the chances of ankle injury than not wearing it. 

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support (For Women)

PUMA Women’s LT Fashion Sneaker (Shoes For Ankle Support)

women's basketball shoes for ankle support 1

Puma’s aesthetic shoes have efficiently combined fashion with comfort. Women most often look for pretty fashion statements, and these shoes are just the perfect fit. The subtle peach color gives a feminine look to the overall attire and provides the utmost protection of the ankle. 

Puma’s FTR Slipstream sneakers are available in several sizes for you to choose from. On the other hand, it is made from the best synthetic material to stabilize the ankle and give enhanced protection from injuries while playing sports.

The manufacturers have carefully designed these shoes to reduce the intensity of an injury. It also proves the best fit for already injured ankles. The improved technology keeps the feet and ankles in good shape while holding the underlying structures steady. 

The overall response to these shoes is remarkable. Buyers seem pleased with the product, and there is little to no complaints regarding the comfort or the look of the product. 


  • Very comfortable
  • Good looking
  • Reasonable cost


  • Pricey


Nike Precision Iii (best Basketball Shoes for ankle support)

best basketball shoes for ankle support for women 2

Nike has meticulously designed shoes for maximum speed and traction. The shoes are a perfect combination for those looking for a guard for their ankles, comfort, and increased stability. The shoes provide the best of both, and it is appropriate for indoor and outdoor games. 

The premium material used to design Nike Precision Lii Basketball shoe offers the finest grip. With such grip, a player’s efficiency increases as the movements become swifter. The rubber sole of the shoe has a pattern that provides increased friction, which aids in the improved grip.

The heal of the sneakers helps in keeping the ankle in place while making prompt twists and turns. The best aspect is the durability. The buyers seem satisfied with how economical these Nike shoes are.


  • Lightweight
  • Better cushioning 
  • Increased traction
  • Very economical 
  • Great ankle support


  • Does not include a variety of colors


Adidas Women’s Hoops 2.0

best ankle support basketball shoes for women 3

Adidas has introduced a technology that precisely aims for the interests of a woman. Women want fashion with comfort, and these shoes are a fair fit in this category. The white color accredits the increased sales of the shoes. White color sneakers are the new trend and look good with almost any outfit. 

The rubber soles make the shoes speedy and guard the ankle well. The grip is impeccable. Sudden turns can injure an ankle, but these Adidas shoes assist in making rapid cuts without hurting the ankle and keeping it steady. 

The best thing about these shoes is the casual look. The excellent white synthetic material improves the look of any outfit. You do not necessarily have to wear them while sporting, but you can wear them to a friend’s house and receive compliments about how good the shoes look on you. 


  • Easily accommodates the toes
  • Comfortable 
  • Increased grip
  • Fashionable 


  • Expensive


Jordan Air 1 High Zip Premium

best basketball shoes for ankle support for women 4

Jordan shoes have always promised class when it comes to quality. The shoes are made of a mixture of leather and synthetic material that allows the feet to slide in and keeps your feet protected from injuries easily. The material of the shoes does not irritate the feet, nor does it leave a shoe bite.

The look of these shoes is the best thing about it. The classic pair is available in black color, and what black shoes do not go with every outfit? These Jordan Air 1 High Zip Premium shoes surely complete a look. The high zip covers the skin above the ankles that further accentuates the safety of the foot.

The shoes provide reasonable traction when playing sports, and the lightweight assists in the better running. These Jordan shoes promise long-term durability. It is also suitable for playing basketball on any kind of surface. 


  • Fashionable
  • Better protection
  • Light in weight


  • Costly.


AIR JORDAN Women’s Air 1

Air Jordan best baskball shoes for ankle support 5

Jordan shoes have once again redefined technology to bring top-notch quality to their customers. The detailing has caught the eye of many buyers, which has boosted the product’s sale while the quality remains flawless. 

And just like the entire collection, Air Jordan High Zip sneakers guard the ankle and the underlying structures to provide your feet a comfortable sole to walk and run in. The best feature is that these shoes provide extra warmth to your feet, even in cold temperatures. 

No matter how much you play in these shoes, it won’t wear off anytime soon, especially with the improved technology to match the athlete’s running skills. The collection guarantees improved durability like none other. 


  • Unique look
  • Highly comfortable 
  • Zipper provides improved stability.


  • Limited Colors


Under Armour Women’s Jet 2019

under armour best basketball shoes for ankle support 6 for women

Under Armour, basketball shoes have redefined comfort with extra cushioning thanks to the Die-cut EVA sock liner, which also promises strengthened support. The shoes let you slip in your feet comfortably while the TPU technology provides increased durability, which also resists scratches.

The shoes are perfect for daily wear and have a uniquely feminine touch to it. These shoes are a personal preference for women of any age. Be it a girl or a woman of a certain age, as it looks classy and offers incomparable safety to the feet. 

The best feature is that the shoes allow your feet to breathe and does not irritate your skin anyhow. And no matter how long you play in these shoes, it will not wear off for a long time. The durability of this collection is incomparable, which works for all kinds of outdoor surfaces.


  • Increased durability
  • Improved comfort and ankle support
  • Resists abrasion


  • Limited Colors


Best Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support (For men)

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Red-White Leather

nike air jordan best basket ball shoes for ankle support for men 1

The strength that Nike has provided matches the strength of the men. And just like the strong skills of an athlete, the Nike Air Jordan gives maximum durability that allows improved efficiency while playing basketball. The shoes are light in weight, and the best part is the advanced technology that provides impeccable traction.

The grip of these shoes is extraordinary. It allows the player to remain steady and keeps the ankle stable when making sudden cuts, which may otherwise injure the ankle. It also allows the feet to easily slide and has enough room to accommodate the feet regardless of how wide a foot is.

The original leather sustains the quality and provides maximum comfort while the laces allow better adjustment according to the person’s requirements, which aids in the better fitting of the shoe according to the foot size.


  • Feather-light
  • Improved traction
  • Highly comfortable


  • High-cost price 


Jordan Men’s Air Jordan

best Jordan men's basketball shoes for ankle support 2

Talk about quality, and Jordan delivers it. The shoe will not let you down. The synthetic material gives improved comfort, but it also has better strength for indoor and outdoor games. The adjustability of the shoes is commendable and the best feature. It fits the foot seamlessly without squeezing the toes or hurting the heel.

The sole of the Jordan shoes is exceptionally soft and glides the feet easily into the shoes while accentuating the walking experience. The best part is that it does not make the feet uncomfortable it has enough room to fit the heel and the toes. 

The extra ankle support allows better guard for the ankle. It may not prevent a ligament injury, but it does prevent the ankle from getting hurt. The collection is top on the series and beats all other shoes when it comes to excellent traction


  • Reasonable prices
  • Better durability
  • Enough room


  • Limited colors available 


Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro

best basketball shoes for ankle support 3

The stylish design of the shoes is combined with durability and comfort in making these Nike Air Jordan. It has everything an excellent quality shoe should have. The improved technology assures the ankle stays in place and is steady when playing a game like a basketball, which requires sudden movements.

The sneakers offer enhanced durability, and it is suitable for any kind of surface. The look of the shoes matches the empowered character of a man and is also perfect for any type of casual wear. Furthermore, the rubber sole guarantees increased protection for your ankle and promised to reduce the severity in case of an injury.

Similarly, the best thing is that the color combination of these shoes gives a vibrant touch to the overall look of a man. It sure will make heads turn and leave you with many praises. 


  • Fashionable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Highly durable
  • Supports weak ankle.


  • A limited number of color combinations


Nike Men’s Jordan Jumpman Pro

best nike's men's jordan jumpman pro basketball shoes for ankle support

A new look to these shoes by the Nike Jordan collection has taken the design to another level. The sleek build of the shoes accentuated the sales of the product. The shoes deliver high performance with the EVA foam midsole in the heel to keep your foot well-cushioned and comfortable.

Moreover, the limited edition includes a mesh at the tongue to allow better ventilation for the toes letting the skin breathe. In addition to this, the shoes provide enough room and are not tight even for a broad foot. An athlete requires uncompromised stability, and Nike Jordan collection promises that. 

The TPU midfoot shank technology guarantees improved torsional rigidity, providing greater support for the ankles and preventing serious injuries. This original series is surely beating all other editions when it comes to quality. 


  • Original color
  • Synthetic material 
  • Improved comfort
  • Enhanced torsional rigidity
  • Mesh allows breathing
  • Good Ankle support 


  • Tight in the start. Takes time to loosen up.


Air Jordan 1 Men’s Basketball Sneaker (High Top Shoes)

best basketball shoes for ankle support 5

This new collection is a must-have if an athlete is looking for style and better traction as Air Jordan Basketball sneakers have rubber soles to comfortably slide your feet in and allow your feet to breathe with the help of a perforated toe.

An excellent shoe must target stability. Air Jordan collection promises steadiness and ankle support like none other. In games like basketball, where limb injuries are fairly common, most athletes choose a shoe that will minimize the impact, so Air Jordan is the right pick.  

Other than this, the shoe is available in an original, eye-catching vibrant color combination, which is the main pull for most buyers. With improved stability and impeccable ankle support, these shoes will prove as the right choice for any athlete. 


  • Better breathability
  • Better grip
  • Improved comfort
  • Reasonable cost price


  • Tears if not taken due consideration.


Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoe

adidas best basketball shoes for ankle support 6

Be ready to slide in to comfort as these shoes do not have the hassle of securing laces. The best part is that you just have to put them on and be on your merry way. The upper wraps in the shoes are designed in a way to adjust your feet seamlessly. Plus, these lace-less shoes give a locked-down feel while the soft material keeps you comfortable. 

The lightweight shoes allow better running and promote speed while providing complete support to the ankles to reduce the likelihood of an injury. On the other hand, the zonal herringbone rubber sole delivers excellent grip and torsional traction, which is perfect for basketball courts. 

The shoes are available in three exotic colors giving a charming look to the eyes. The original synthetic material promises long-term durability. 


  • No laces
  • Upper wraps for a better fit
  • Light in weight
  • Reasonable price
  • Maximum traction


  • Not suitable for wide feet


Buying Guide

Why is ankle support crucial while playing basketball?

We know how much of a demanding sports basketball is. Physical training is overwhelming, and it requires the player to put in much effort and become physically fit. 

However, we cannot overlook the chances of an injury in any sport and to make sure an athlete does not easily hurt themselves; they adopt everything that will reduce the chances of getting injured.

The need for prompt movements that require quick cuts, dodges, and speed put ankles under much strain. For this reason, ankle supports work to reduce the impact of an injury—an ankle support aids in stabilizing the ankle and prevents sprains or tear of a ligament. 

Ankle support is worn both for practice as well as the game day. The chances of injury are always there, and ankle support can help. And what is better than a shoe that looks stylish but is equally extraordinary in providing ankle support, which is precisely what Nike Jordan Jumpman Pro Basketball Shoes are for men.

As for women, PUMA Women’s FTR Slipstream LT Fashion Sneaker fits perfectly in the category. 

Should I go half or full size up if I am wearing ankle support while playing basketball?

Many people do not realize the right size of a shoe, especially when they order something online. Most commonly, it depends on the shoe itself whether or not to go for a half size or full-size up.

You can check the size you want when you put a finger in between the heel of your foot and the heel of the shoe. If your foot still has enough space to move, then you might want to go for half down. 

On the contrary, if your feet can barely move when you stick your finger in then, it is best for you to go for half size or even full-size up. For instance, if you wear a size eight shoe, you have to order size 7.5 to go half down if it is loose. 

On the other hand, go for size 8.5, which is half size up or a size 9 for a full size up if the shoe feels tight. 

What factors should I consider while making a buying decision for basketball shoes?

It is crucial to know the factors that you need to keep in mind before buying basketball shoes before you regret your decision. Many factors are considered when purchasing a shoe, especially when you buy them online.

Make sure you:

  • Measure the size of your feet before you buy any shoe. You can do this by keeping your foot on paper and then drawing the outline. After this, you have to measure the length and the width to know your size. This will ensure you buy yourself a perfectly fitting shoe. 
  • Look for the material of the shoe. The material will tell a lot about the durability of the shoes. Synthetic materials can withstand damage easily and last for a longer period, while pure material wear-off earlier, but on the other hand, pure materials keep your feet very comfortable.
  • Consider the sole. The sole of the shoes tells whether or not you can play on a surface. The traction of the sole of a shoe helps in playing on any kind of surface. You may consider looking at the width of the sole, softness, and the shape of the sole and decide if the sole will help in a better grip or not.
  • Check for the price. The most important part is that you may have a budget for your purchase, and the best quality that offers what you are looking for in a shoe must come under the mark. You may want to avoid buying shoes that offer everything but are pricey when you have the same quality show but under your budget. 
  • Look for the cushioning. The cushioning of the shoe keeps your feet comfortable, and you can consider looking at shoes that use the latest technology to provide better cushioning for your feet. 
  • Consider your preferences. Basketball footwear is available in 3 types of designs: high tops, mid-tops, and low tops. And it is completely up to you and your playing style when it comes to choosing the design.
  • Explore the options. There is are a variety of products available on the market online. You may consider exploring all your options keeping in mind what you are looking for. You may want to carefully examine the features and compare different brands before you make your final choice. 

Conclusion (best basketball shoes for ankle support)

A sports player is always at the risk of acquiring an injury, which is why every player tries to minimize the chances of injury while maximizing productivity. Therefore, there is no better way than looking for a perfect pair of shoes that keep your gait steady while reducing the impact of an injury with the help of ankle support.

The winner, in this case, is the Nike Jordan Jumpman Pro for men. It is because it includes every feature that a buyer may want in their shoes along with top-notch quality followed by Men’s Air Jordan Legacy 312 High Top Lace Up basketball shoes.

In the case of women’s shoes, PUMA Women’s FTR Slipstream wins the race for its sense of fashion and comfort in the same product. The second-best shoes are Adidas Women’s Hoops 2.0 for its immaculate design and durability. 

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