12 Best Dress Shoes For Overpronation (Version 2.0) (2020)

It is a struggle to find shoes that are comforting if a person has overpronation of the foot. Hence, after holistic research and scrutinizing buyers opinions about buying shoes for this medical condition, we bring you the best shoes for overpronation , so you do not have to do it yourself. 

We have several shoes for you to look at, but to find out what shoes seem the best, you will have to continue reading the article and pay attention to your needs and what these shoes have to provide and then decide which one to choose.

Below, we have shoes for men and women that we believe are worth considering. 

Best Dress Shoes For Overpronation (For Men)

JOUSEN Men’s Wingtip Brogue Oxford Classic


Jousen has provided a shoe that matches the features of a good quality shoe. It has everything a buyer is looking for. The versatile dress shoes are perfect for professionals who work in offices and then go out for an evening hangout with colleagues as the shoes serve the purpose both at the office and at a party. 

It is because the flexibility and the comfort that comes with the shoe promote better productivity and keeps your feet at ease. You ought to look for shoes that make you want to walk and not tire easily, and Jousen does the job pretty well. 

The added comfort from the padded collars and extra lining of cushion promises the comfort you need to stay in shoes for long hours. The synthetic material aids in firm grip when taking steps while keeping your feet dry, and the casual round-tip toe box never goes out of style. 


  • Extra comfort
  • Professional
  • Good grip


  • Mediocre quality material

JOUSEN Formal Lace Up Oxfords


Are you looking for shoes that make movement easier for you? With Jousen Brogue Oxford shoes, your days of discomfort are gone. They have manufactured a casual shoe that guarantees maximum comfort so that you can wind up your day and still feel more active than tired with an ill-fitting shoe.

It is primarily because the shoe gives excellent fitting and adjustment with the help of laces so that your feet do not keep slipping out of the shoe and become an unnecessary nuisance. In addition to this, the soft lining keeps your feet fresh and free of odor. Nobody wants sweat building in between their toes, especially if you are in the middle of a gathering. 

The soft material allows flexibility to accommodate the foot and allow more comfortable walking. With over pronation of foot, it becomes extra hard to walk, and even when you do walk, you tire easily because of the pain in the foot but not with these shoes thanks to the soft rubber sole it comes with.


  • Flexible
  • Accommodating
  • Comfortable
  • Good looking


  • Reduced traction

JOUSEN Men’s Modern Brogue Oxford Business


The polished shoe gives a classy look to the wearer as well as the utmost comfort that they wish for. Many buyers had admitted that the shoe provides that added comfort it promises, and they were delighted when they received their parcel and tried on their shoes. 

Jousen has many products, but no previous version provided the durability that this product offers. The company has improved the quality of the shoe and the material to give extra life to the shoe so that you do not have to worry about changing your footwear with every season.

The shoe is light in weight, which aids in walking because a heavy shoe tends to tire feet, especially if you are suffering from overpronation of the foot. The breathability allows you to keep your feet free of sweat even after hours of working.


  • Breathable
  • Improved durability
  • Stylish 


  • Slippery

ChayChax Oxford Shoes


After studying reviews from a couple of buyers, we can safely say this shoe may be what you are looking for. Many reviews said that the shoe is comfortable just how it should be, and the sole has that grip against the ground due to more friction. These two features are likely vital when buying shoes for overpronation of the foot.

Now coming to the look, the shoe has intricate detailing in the sole, which is for the extra traction, but apart from this, the shoe has a decent look to it. You may pair it with sweats, jeans, dress pants, or even wear it to work since it does look professional and has a modern touch; hence, it is ideal for daily wear.

An added feature in this product is the breathability. The soft lining and the mesh prevent the building up of sweat and allow your toes to breathe while staying dry. Almost every color in the shoe is attractive, that may give you a hard time picking up the best color for yourself.


  • Extra cushioning
  • Attractive
  • Improved traction
  • Keep toes dry


  • May wear off early

Men’s Flats Casual Bullock Shoes


We must appreciate the product’s company for considering all the features that a good shoe should include and attract a buyer’s attention. Similarly, it stole our attention when we were browsing for the best shoes. The first thing is that the shoe is made of leather, which automatically gives it an upper hand.

Even though the shoe is made of leather, it is still light in weight, which will help you in moving smoothly and reduce fatigue as a light-weighted shoe puts less strain on the overpronated ankle. The synthetic sole offers an excellent grip that gives the ankle extra stability while walking. 

On the other hand, the shoe is an excellent choice for formal and informal gatherings. You can wear it any day because the look will never go out of fashion and it will make a charming addition to your wardrobe. 


  • Trendy 
  • Lightweight 
  • Padded soles


  • The reduced grip on slippery floors

Frasoicus Men’s Dress Shoes Oxford


Talk about a classic piece of art and combine shoe features in it. Presenting you Frasoicus Oxford shoes that have revolved the art of making shoes. We have tried this ourselves, and we can’t emphasize enough on how much the shoe works for individuals with overpronation of their feet.

The sole is extremely flexible, and it allowed more effortless movements than most other shoes we have tried. The flexibility permitted better fitting and walking experience because the ankles could accommodate well. Also, it allowed a fantastic fitting thanks to the improved adjustment technology over the dorsum of the foot.

The shoe has a modern touch to it and is easily worn to any kind of event. You can stay in shoes for long hours, first because it will not make you feel tired. Secondly, because the breathable material will keep you dry and make you itch less.


  • Flexible 
  • Comfortable
  • Economical price 


  • Wears off easily 

Best Dress Shoes For Overpronation (For Women)

Vionic Women’s, Carroll Flat (best dress shoes for overpronation)


The stellar masterpiece from Vionic stole the show. While reviewing shoes for overpronation, we came across this product. We analyzed what they are selling, and to our surprise, not only did the shoes have everything a buyer is looking for, but it also delivers what it shows because we did not find one bad review about the product.

Diving more into the features, we found that the shoe has this amazing biomechanical technology that allows it to gracefully hug the curves of the arches and seamlessly fit the feet to bring you extra comfort. Little gaps between the arch of the foot and the arch of the shoe are unnerving, and Vionic has eliminated the gap.

The slip-on style makes it easier to wear the shoe, and the impeccable fitting will keep your feet from slipping out of the shoe. Plus, the soft leather promotes better productivity and does not make you tired easily.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Stabilizes foot arch
  • Cozy


  • Cheap material

SAS Women’s, Scenic Ballet Flat


A sleek style shoe with enhanced features. Women can wear this shoe all day long and not feel tired as the shoe has this brilliant in-sole that has an extra layer of cushioning to keep your feet relaxed. You can also take the in-sole out and give it a wash, which will keep your shoe cleaner.

Secondly, the arch of the shoe provides maximum comfort as it fits perfectly against the natural alignment of the feet. Many customers found this feature very handy and had a lot of positive comments about this. We are sure you may also want to look into the features and see what you prefer.

Next, the flexibility of the shoe is remarkable. You can move around whatever way you like and still not get tired, and the soft material of the shoe ensures ankle accommodation, and it does not hurt the alignment of the foot; instead, it molds the ankle back to its shape when worn for a long time.


  • Flexible
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable


  • Slippery

Orthofeet Proven Extended Widths Arch Support


Orthofeet shoes have incredibly marketed their product, and we agree to it because they give their buyers a guarantee of extreme comfort. If the buyers do not get the satisfaction they are looking for, or they are not satisfied with the product then the company gives the buyer the complete authority to return it after wearing it as a trial of 60 days.

We found this offer alluring because a buyer does not have anything to lose with the shoe. The shoe is indeed expensive, but if you look at the brighter side, it comes with everything to solve your foot problem. It is a shoe designed particularly for foot problems, and if you have overpronation of foot, you may want to give this shoe a try.

The shoe is light in weight, has air cushioning for improved comfort, helps in maintaining the anatomical arch, and the multiple layers of soft in-sole promise to ease the pain in the heel and the ankle.


  • Light in weight
  • Air cushioning
  • Extended width


  • Expensive

Ataiwee Women’s Wide Width Flat Shoes


Ataiwee has produced a product that adds grace and comfort to your life. The cute shoes are a must-have if you are looking for style, grip, comfort, and durability. This one shoe has it all. Even the prices of footwear are very reasonable, which is the most surprising part of the shoe.

No matter what sort of medical condition you have, these flats will ease the pain of any kind of foot abnormality. It will make your day more survivable and give you the power to stay on your feet all day long. No matter if you have to wear them to your office or you have to go to a friend’s party, the shoe will look fabulous on you regardless of the occasion.

Ataiwee promises exceptional traction. This means these shoes are perfect for any kind of service owing to its anti-slip sole, allowing you to walk steadily on an uneven surface or slippery surfaces.


  • Excellent grip
  • Cute
  • Comfortable


  • Not long-lasting

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional


When studying the products, we found that this shoe has a lot of reviews, so it made us curious to know what was the reason behind such a great sale. Upon going deeper into the reviews, it came to us as a surprise that many people talked about the exceptional grip that the shoe has. All the buyers were satisfied with what they had received.

The shoe may look rigid made of a hard material, but in reality, the material is soft that gives you the comfort that your feet need. But trust us on this one, the best feature about this shoe is the traction. 

 For an unaligned ankle and unsteady walk, it is imperative to wear a shoe that prevents you from slipping and becoming injured. Hence, a shoe like this, which has good traction, will save the day and allow you to make a firm grip while taking steps swiftly or making prompt turns.


  • Excellent grip
  • Stain-resistant
  • Made of leather


  • Pricey 

Klogs Portland Closed-Back Clog


Klogs has given a fresh spin to its new footwear collection that is pleasing to the eyes. But we also found that the shoe is also pleasant as a whole, primarily because the shoe may look uncomfortable, but it is not. The shoe has soft in-soles for that improved comfort for somebody looking for a shoe with a foot abnormality.

Furthermore, the shoe is slip-resistant, has great traction that allows steadier walking and high confidence when your posture is upright while walking. The anti-shock technology prevents any harm coming your way and ensures the safety of the foot at any cost. The shoe is also oil-resistant.

You will love all the various designs and colors this shoe is available in which will only pronounce your look of the day while keeping your feet safe from odor and sweat all day long. And we must add the extra feature here, which is the extra width for overpronation feet.


  • Extra width
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable 
  • Variety of colors


  • Costly

Buying Guide

What is overpronation?

Pronation of the foot means the foot rolls inward when walking or run, which is normal. But overpronation means the foot rolls inward and towards the arch of the foot excessively and causes the feet to flatten more than it usually does. 

The condition can cause injuries such as a tear in ligaments, muscles, tendons, or it can cause a sprain in the ankle.

What are the causes and symptoms of overpronation?

According to Mayo Clinic , overpronation is not an uncommon phenomenon, and there are several reasons why it happens. The causes are listed below:

  • Occupations that require repeated stamping of the foot on a hard surface
  • Being overweight
  • Being pregnant 
  • Genetic 

However, the symptoms of overpronation are the same, no matter what the cause is. The symptoms of overpronation may include:

  • Flat foot
  • Pain in the heel or arch
  • Callus formation
  • Pain in the knee, hip, and back due to misalignment 
  • Hammertoes

What factors must I consider before buying shoes keeping in mind my medical condition?

Size of the foot

Make sure you have your size measured. It is imperative to know your size, and the correct way to measure your size is while standing. You can do this by drawing your feet on a paper and then measuring the length and the width. 

You can make final decisions about purchasing a shoe if you know your correct size.

Comfort and stability

A foot abnormality requires a lot of care and attention. So, when looking for a shoe, it is crucial to buy shoes that have extra cushioning and added layers of in-sole or pads to keep your feet comfortable. 

Likewise, a shoe must perform well by providing the stability that an overpronated foot needs. A stable shoe means a steadier walk and lesser impact of walking on the feet. It will maintain the anatomy of the feet and keep your posture correct so you can walk comfortably.

Extra arch support

It is advisable to look for shoes that match the natural alignment of the foot. The shoe must hug the curves of the feet naturally to support the arch. A flat foot makes it harder to walk or run, but with arch support in a shoe, it becomes more comfortable to walk as now some arch is maintained with the help of the shoe. 

Flexible material

The shoe must provide flexibility, and it is only possible if the material of the shoe is soft and flexible. A flexible shoe will accommodate the misalignment of the ankle and will allow better movement, unlike a rigid shoe that will restrict the movement of the ankle and toes.

Leather makes shoes flexible. Good quality leather will provide not only flexibility but also the right amount of rigidity to keep the ankle in place and provide good support for a better walk. 

Go for quality

It is best to look for quality and not to go for brands as a medical condition requires more treatment in the shape of comfort and stability than the brand.

How to treat overpronation?

There are many treatment options for overpronation. The main treatment options include wearing shoes that provide ease of movement and support the misalignment of the foot. Orthotics are also available to correct the misalignment. 

Similarly, exercises are the best way out. It is advisable to consult a podiatrist who specializes in the abnormalities of the foot so they can further guide about the problem. Also, seeing a physical therapist is beneficial as they are the ones who can tell the right exercises and stretching methods that will correct the condition of the foot.


After thoroughly going through each product and studying what people had to say about the purchase they made, we have picked the top twelve shoes for men and women, yet, we would like to state the shoe that we thought is the best along with them all and should receive appreciation.

The best shoe, according to our detailed research study, is Frasoicus Oxford Formal Lace Up Wingtip (For Men) for its outstanding quality and comfort, followed by Men’s Flats Casual Bullock Oxford Brogue (For Men) for unmatched quality of the product.

While in women’s shoes Orthofeet Extended Widths Arch Support Shoes (For Women) took the first place, followed by Ataiwee Wide Width Flat Shoes (For Women).

Check out our latest blog regarding the best dress shoes for supination, if you feel that you might be suffering from it!

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