6 best dress shoes for wide feet (Latest 2022)

You probably already know how frustrating it can be shopping for a pair of dress shoes when your feet are wider than normal. You want them to look and feel great on their own terms — not yours!

But if you’re looking to upgrade from your plain black or brown oxfords, here’s what to buy if you have wide feet. We will show you three options for women and men each.

Clarks Kaylin Cara 2

The Clarks Kaylin Cara 2 offers a classic design paired with a soft leather upper. While its sole is not flat, it still doesn’t add too much

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extra bulk under your feet. Plus, since the tread isn’t very thick, these slip on and off quickly.

With its incredibly soft interior materials, the Kaylin Caras offer comfort while looking classy. That means no matter how long your business meetings are, your feet are bound to feel better after compared to many other options out there. And unlike other styles, these are truely timeless.

This model has been updated slightly, but still packs plenty of punch. Both the footbed and rubber outsole have been reworked with longevity in mind. So if you prefer durable fashion, this could be the perfect choice for you.


ECCO Shape Sculpted Motion 35

ECCO’s sculpted motion 35 combines sleek styling with durability. Crafted from smooth suede, these shoes boast a

Most Comfortable Waitress Shoes

high quality finish. Its flexible TPU midsole features shock absorbing gel technology.

Overall, the construction of this shoe makes it suitable for daily casualwear. For instance, I often throw mine in my gym bag to change into after lifting weights.

While these shoes are definitely stylish, they’re also extremely comfortable. In fact, I used to order another pair whenever I went to the mall simply because they were so nice.


Franco Sarto Carolynn Loafer Flat

Franco Sarto’s Carolynn Loafer Flat shoes are available in seven different colors. All versions come equipped

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with a padded inset, providing maximum comfort and support throughout the day. Whether you choose brown or nude leather, the outsides of these shoes are constructed using 100% real cowhide. Inside, a combination of synthetic fibers and natural sheepskin create superior breathability.

All told, the Carolynn Loafer Flat creates a lightweight yet strong foundation for everyday activities. I love pairing these shoes with skinny trousers, a blouse, and a jacket. Not only do they look cute and sophisticated, but they’re super functional. Unlike many dress shoes, these ones don’t dig deep into your pockets. They’re also incredibly comfortable, meaning you won’t experience any foot pain or discomfort later on.


Dr. Martens 2976 Smooth Leather Boot

Dr. Martens is legendary in the world of British street culture. Known for offering iconic designs that never seem

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outdated, the brand continues to churn out new ways to express oneself through clothing today. One of those innovations was introducing wide fitting boots earlier this year. Now, Dr. Martens offers a whole line of wide fitting boots including several variations of the classic 2976 silhouette.

My absolute favorite version comes in red patent leather. Not only does it scream fall, but it looks fantastic with jeans, dresses, skirts, and suit pants alike. Like others on this list, they’re cut above average and crafted with premium material. What sets these apart, however, are the unique details. Most notably, the tongue and collar accentuate the boot’s shape, creating a bolder profile. Lastly, the soles provide excellent traction without adding excess weight.

They are also reasonably priced considering the quality of the craftsmanship.


Skechers Men’s Relaxed Fit

Skechers’ wide fitting shoes are known for being comfy, versatile, trendy, and affordable. Their Harper – Forde

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loafers do all four. Made from premium pebbled Italian calfskin, these loafer boots feature a sturdy rubber outer layer.

Meanwhile, inside, a cushioned sock provides ample comfort thanks to memory foam padding. There’s even a removable inner lining for easy cleaning. On the bottom, a durable rubber sole helps prevent scuffing. Each boot is man-made and of high quality. Available in four colors, a lighter and darker brown and black.

These are my personal favorites among Skechers’ wide fitting shoes. I think they look really sharp both dressed up and casually chic, making them ideal for everything from a night out on the town to hanging out at home watching Netflix. Best of all, they run true to size.


Hush Puppies Bolognese Woven

Hush Puppies’s Bolognese woven shoes combine a rich brown or black color with clean lines. Constructed from canvas

Most Comfortable Waitress Shoes

and featuring full grain leather uppers, the overall appearance is simple but refined. A stitched crepe interior adds further texture and character. At the base, a solid rubber lug delivers stability while allowing flexibility on uneven terrain. Last but certainly not least, the shoes sport a rounded toe box.

Like most of Hush Puppies shoes, these are meant to last for years of heavy use. The company prides itself on crafting products that perform equally well indoors and outdoors. Many reviewers suggest that these shoes are particularly good for hiking trails, city walks, or even jogging errands. Plus, they feel great regardless of weather conditions.

Best of all, these shoes normally sell for a reasonable price.


How to choose the right size shoe for wide feet

Let’s go over some general guidelines for buying shoes with wider feet. Because everyone’s foot is different, there isn’t one universally “correct” way to pick out a shoe size. However, there are certain things every shopper should keep in mind before hitting up stores. Here are five tips that will help narrow down which size works best for your foot type.

Make sure you wear socks while at the store. Shoes shouldn’t be tight around the toes (or anywhere) unless they’re specifically designed for people who have unusually large arches. If you don’t have any socks, try walking around barefoot first to see if you like the style.

Don’t judge width by circumference measurements alone. While larger feet take longer to measure because they stretch more easily, this doesn’t mean all shoes made for narrower-footed men are going to work well for taller women. Instead of measuring yourself directly across the ball of your foot, use an old tape measure to compare length between brands instead. It’ll give you a better idea of whether a shoe feels too short.

The same goes for heel height. Measure it straight across the top of the arch, so you aren’t comparing heights based off where your longest toe sits.

Take time to test each shoe. Don’t settle on something as soon as you put it on. Walk around a bit to make sure you actually enjoy wearing it. Try standing up straight against a wall, then moving slowly forward until you reach a corner. This gives the shoe room to move freely without catching onto anything. Pay attention to how much pressure your big toe puts on the ground with each step. Some shoes may cause your toes to cramp up after prolonged usage, especially if they’re not supportive enough.

Finally, walk up stairs, and pay close attention to how comfortable the shoes are climbing. They might also be a little loose once you’ve walked back down. When testing heels, stand sideways next to a mirror so you can check your posture during the entire process.

With these basics covered, we hope you are able to choose your favorite pair from the six pairs of dressy footwear options above, that are guaranteed winners for wide feet.

Final verdict

Overall, I highly recommend these shoes to anyone with wide feet.

My favorite for women is the Clarks Kaylin Cara 2 and for my favorite for men the Skechers Men’s Relaxed Fit. Of course, sizing varies depending on your individual preferences.

Before purchasing, make sure you read reviews online and consider taking them to a local shoe repair shop to ensure proper fit. Happy hunting!

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