10 Best HIIT Shoes For Women to Buy In 2022

Which is the best high-intensity interval training (HIIT) shoes for women? If you are in a hurry and want the best HIIT shoes, then we recommend you to buy Reebok Nano X2. This shoe has impeccable support and high quality cushioning. It has greater traction and stability, which will help you to make lateral movements with ease.

Since you will be making very aggressive and intensive movements that require spontaneity, Reebok Nano X2 will meet those requirements in a very professional and easy way.

However, if you are interested in critically evaluating the best HIIT shoes for women, then this article is a goldmine for you. Dig deep to find the best pair for yourself!

Best Women’s HIIT Shoes

Reebok Women’s Nano X2 (Winner)

best hiit shoes for women 1

Having a high abrasion rubber sole, the Reebok women’s Nano X2 trainer shoe is a flexible and high traction shoe for HIIT activities. The predecessor of the Reebok women’s Nano 9 shoe did a considerably fantastic job. However, it had a stigma of being a Crossfit wannabe.

Nano X2 is a lightweight shoe. Given its versatility, this fitness shoe will secure your foot movement and at the same time will prevent the occurrence of calf injury or stiffness of calf muscles. For its dynamism, it is a highly viable alternative if you want an exceptional shoe for HIIT workouts.

Since Nano X2 has a molded mid-sole, it will provide you with sufficient ankle support during an intensive workout.

Now you will have extra grip enhanced balance and sufficient flexibility because of the “toe tection” and a high abrasion rubber sole. 


  • Comfortable midsoles.
  • Credible traction.
  • Forefoot cushioning.
  • Enhanced stability.


  • Limited design.
  • Limited colors.


PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 (Runner’s Up)

best hiit shoes for women 2

With its sleek performance yet bold design, the new puma Women’s Tazon 6 cross trainer shoe would be a viable option if you want a shoe that is comfortable and supportive. 

Made from genuine synthetic leather and fiber, the shoe provides enough stability and bounce as you make those moves while doing HIIT exercise. Your foot won’t slide around in the shoe. Ultimately, your HIIT experience is going to personify.

Since Puma Women’s Tazon 6 has effective cushioning mechanisms and low heel, it will not let you get imbalanced. It will provide more significant support to you as you shift from one exercise to another.

Many women complained about the previous version of Puma Tazon. They said that the shoe did not provide enough traction. However, this version of Tazon has it all covered for you. Now the outer sole has a firm grip near the front of the foot. This will provide you with tons of traction! 

Above all, the shank area is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane. This will ensure maximum durability and gait during high-intensity interval training. 

Go for this pair of shoes if you are more interested in longevity, comfort and maximum traction.


  • Maximum traction.
  • Comfortable midsoles.
  • High durability.
  • Extensive cushioning.


  • Your shoe might feel a bit tight in the beginning.


ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8 Running Shoes For HIIT

best hiit shoes for women 3

Since a decade or so, ASICS has been manufacturing high quality and credible shoes for its customers. Although ASICS Gel venture 8 is a running shoe yet, you can quickly wear them for HIIT workouts. Given its Aerodynamic shape, you can use Asics shoes for performing planks, push-ups and squats.

The shoes will make your movements easier yet incredibly fast as your HIIT exercises require spontaneity and timely moves. If you experience chronic foot pain after HIIT exercise, you would be happy to know that ASICS GEL 6 running shoes come with extra cushioning and padding

This will help you to relieve heel pain. It will also protect your foot from a calf injury and posterior tibial tendonitis. Unlike its predecessors, the ASICS gel venture 8 is 100% waterproof shoe and will provide you extensive protection during torrential rains and wet terrains. 

With its Roomy toe box and excellent forefoot cushioning, this shoe has it all to keep you comfortable and stable while you do your HIIT exercises.


  • Aerodynamic shape.
  • High-quality insoles.
  • Lightweight.
  • Exceptional forefoot cushioning.


  • Limited Colors


New Balance Fresh Foam Roav

best hiit shoes for women 4

Best for bodyweight exercises and HIIT workouts, the new balance fresh foam has midsole foam questioning. It is a lightweight shoe with Ultra-high performance and superb traction capabilities.

This shoe is great for aerobic exercises and looks bold and beautiful. Although it’s a running shoe, it is also a viable option for physical fitness training exercises such as HIIT workouts. It is the best fashion-led trainer and a right gym partner. Undoubtedly, your attire will glorify in this training shoe.

Jumps and performing squats are a routine activity in HIIT workouts. Therefore, New Balance Fresh Foam has Ultra heel technology that aims to work in unity with the cushioning system of the shoe. Resultantly, you will have responsive support as you perform extensive HIIT activities. 

Best of all, the soul of the shoe does not have a peculiar banana shape. It will make your feet look attractive and beautiful. 


  •  Excellent shape and design.
  •  Lightweight. 
  • Ultra Heal Technology. 
  • Multiple colours available. 
  • True to size. 


  •  May wear and tear if not taken due consideration.


Nike Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2

best hiit shoes for women 5

With its ultra-lightweight and seamless design, Nike Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 is the right pair of shoes for you if you are an avid HIIT woman. This shoe is highly breathable and remains ventilated, even if you are vigorously exercising in hot scorching weather. 

Since HIIT exercises require spontaneous movements, the shoe has an ample amount of cushioning to help you make the moves. Simultaneously, it keeps your foot secure from undue strain on calf muscles. 

The Zoom flyknit 2 easily blends Zoom Air cushioning. You get a bouncy, responsive pillow-like feel. Besides, the sole is so warm and soothing that your foot flexes naturally. You can maintain balance and stability as you perform those HIIT exercises.

Unlike Nike Pegasus 34 running shoes, the Zoom Fearless Flyknit2 has a very professional profile design which makes you feel comfortable. As HIIT requires rapid and spontaneous movements, the extra padded cushioning in the shoe will assist in dynamic movements, especially when you do push-ups along with a 30 seconds plank.

Best of all, Zoom fearless knit is made with reusable materials, so you don’t have to worry about the environment in general. 


  • Lightweight.
  • Bouncy responsive cushioning.
  • Supports during vigorous HIIT exercises.
  • Proper gait and traction.


  • Limited Colors.


Reebok Women’s HIIT Training Shoe Cross Trainer

best hiit shoes for women 6

If you are aiming for a cost-effective, yet a balanced shoe, then Reebok Women’s HIIT shoe is a viable option for you.

An excellent choice for novice and intermediate HIIT performers, this shoe will help you to maintain stability, neutrality and proper gait. The shoe weighs only 17oz and has a heel to toe drop of 25mm. Meaning now you can switch from one exercise to another without making your knees crumble.

The shoe is highly breathable. Its cushioning mechanism is exceptionally soft. You will have a pillow-like feeling. The support to the tendons and calf muscles become well. Ultimately, the HIIT experience will become soothing and reliable.

Reebok Women’s HIIT shoes provide a credible balance between comfort and durability. There’s extra width in the front part of the shoe which gives you a high level of flexibility. It has an impressively breathable mesh. 

Ladies, if you want to make your high-intensity interval training (HIIT) experience pleasurable, then I would highly suggest you go for this pair of shoes. 


  • Provides stable support.
  • Secure fit.
  • Lacing system keeps the calf muscles protected.
  • Heel to toe drop is perfect.


  • Design of the shoes might not go with your attire. 


Nike Metcon 5 Cross-Training Shoe

best hiit shoes for women 7

If you want your planks, squats and push-ups to look perfect, these Nike cross-training shoes are the best bet for you. 

The shoe offers extra stability, responsive cushioning and neutrality. The honeycomb design makes it look attractive and bold. It is a highly breathable and ventilated shoe, given its serrated sole for high traction.

It is generally witnessed that HIIT requires a high level of concentration and stability. Usually, as we exercise, our shoelaces open up, distracting us as we perform an exercise. However, Metcon 5 are easy to lace up. They are a secure fit. Now you can flip flop, rock and roll while you make those intensive moves. 

Best of all, these shoes come in a variety of colors. Now you will not look odd if you don’t find a shoe that does not go with your attire. 

For avid gym-goers and light weight lifters, the Metcon 5 are the shoes that you should crave for!


  • Breathable
  • Mesh upper
  • Secure fit
  • Variety of colors


  • Midsoles might feel a bit hard.


NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes

best hiit shoes for women 8

If you are looking for an exceptional pair of shoes with excellent traction and durability, then Nobel women’s training shoe is a better option for you.

The upper of the shoe is made from their genuine super fabric which is not only breathable but is also known for its non-abrasive features.

Since the upper is made from just a single piece of fabric, so you won’t get any blisters even if the front of your foot comes in continuous contact with the fabric. This makes you feel comfortable while you perform your HIIT exercises.

The sole of the shoe comprises flexible and thin material. This gives you space for maximum movement and proper gait. The secure fit insoles hold your foot firmly so that it is not dilly dally in the shoe.

While going through the reviews on Amazon, I was happy and perplexed at the same time. While some reviewers complained about the uncomfortable insoles, the others lauded the shoes’ quality. They claimed that it is an all-rounder for weightlifting, HIIT exercises and gym sessions. 


  •  Mesh upper.
  •  Greater neutrality and fractions.
  •  Beautiful colours.
  •  Best arch support shoes.


  •  Stiff insoles.


Under Armour Tribase Reign 2

best hiit shoes for women 9

If you experience heel pain or your calves become tight during HIIT exercises, then you should go for the under armour tribase reign 2.

This shoe has a comfortable knitted upper with the large external heel counter. Weighing just 307 ounces, the shoe comes in multiple cool and bold designs.

Many customers complained about the predecessor of the shoe and Under Armour took the criticism seriously. Hence, they designed a Shoe that now has greater traction, enhanced durability and maximum support.

The design of the shoe includes a Tribase and sawtooth. These patterns in the outsole provide you with greater stability when you do heavy weight lifting or do exercises on a hard floor. Now you don’t have to worry about slipping here and there. 

The shoes Have non-slip features so even if you are exercising or doing HIIT workouts on wet grass, you don’t have to worry about slipping. Under armour tribase has a Roomy toe box. Now the movement of your foot is controlled by the tools that increase your body’s stability.


  • Excellent traction. 
  • Allows your feet to breathe. 
  • It comes with ample space for toes.
  • It has improved cushioning.


  • The shoe may wear out early. 


Nike Air Zoom Superrep

best hiit shoes for women 10

These are responsive and lightweight and are widely used for squats. This shoe is the best for deadlift and intensive HIIT workouts.

This issue has been a plate that runs through your foot. It helps in correctly distributing the pressure exerted on foot as it has a question foam in shock absorption. This keeps your food secure from unnecessary ankle injuries. 

The shoe is highly breathable, has excellent traction and supportive control. You will get a pillow-like feeling once you wear them and perform HIIT workouts. In addition, the burpee breaks ensure flexibility as you walk. 

 It is important to note here that the shoe stands flat during kettle swings and squat thrustersEven the lateral movements are perfect, so the foot does not skit in the shoe. So if you are an intensive HIIT workout fanatic, you should go for this pair of shoes.


  • Lightweight.
  • Secure fit. 
  • Exceptional ankle support.
  • Exclusively designed for HIIT sessions.


  •  Limited colours. 


Buying Guide

Criteria To Buy Best HIIT Shoes For Women

Due to high demand and supply of the best HIIT shoes for women, it has become a cumbersome task for the ladies to choose which shoe suits best for their needs. To mitigate this analysis paralysis, the following factors should be taken into consideration while making a Purchase Decision.


There is no denying the fact that high-intensity interval training shoes tend to wear off a bit earlier than their normal life. This is primarily because of the extensive and intensive training sessions. 

So, the number one attribute or feature that you would consider is durability. Make sure that the shoe which you choose has longevity and a credible rubber soul. This way, you will not have to keep buying shoes every few months. This is one factor you must not compromise on. 


Sweat or moisture on your feet or between your toes can become uncomfortable for many, and it may have a severe impact on your exercise routine. 

HIIT training and excessive sweat go hand in hand. There will be sweat on your feet. When you are looking to make a purchase, make sure your shoes have mesh panels. This will allow more excellent breathability space to your feet. Also, make sure it is easier to remove moisture.

A shoe with good breathability will also keep you free from odor, and you will not have to keep washing your shoes too often. 


Women usually have size issues when buying shoes online. This is one of the usual complaints that shoes are not true to the size. Always make sure to go a half size up, especially when ordering shoes online. 

A shoe that does not fit properly causes a lot of unnecessary troubles during exercise or a workout session. For instance, your feet may keep slipping out of the shoe, and this will make you lose your confidence while doing an exercise and make you clumsy. 

As you would be making multiple lateral movements while doing HIIT training, so it is recommended to go half size. It will not only resolve size issues but will also lead to an enhanced comfort level.

However, a shoe that provides snug fits helps in keeping your feet encased in a firm and comfortable grip where you can easily make movements. Exercises like HIIT require a lot of unusual movements during the session; therefore, you must make sure that the shoe you are buying has enough space for the feet to move inside the shoes. 

Secondly, the shoe should not be too tight so as to limit your movements and make you uncomfortable. An ill-fitting shoe can become a reason for a ruined exercise session. Hence, the shoe should properly encase your feet and allow you to make firm and quick movements as in HIIT exercises. 


HIIT exercise sessions comprise spontaneous movements of the body. You will be doing a significant number of squats, push-ups, and planks. 

So, you would require shoes that have exceptional traction and proper gait. Make sure the shoes you purchase have a responsive cushioning and support system.

It should have durable outsoles and forefoot cushioning. The outsoles must be robust in HIIT shoes. This is because you do such exercises either in a gym or at your home, where you might find the surface unforgiving in terms of its smoothness. It is because of this reason that grip becomes a crucial factor when purchasing shoes. 

The shoe should be able to keep you in the required position without giving away on the traction or letting you slip. You can’t perform HIIT exercises if you can’t maintain your position, and a lot of it depends on the grip that your shoes provide. 

Shock Absorption

If the questioning system off the shoe is not up to the mark, then you might hurt your ankles. So make sure that the midsole and outsole can absorb the shocks. 

It becomes more critical with HIIT exercises because, during such a session, one makes uncertain foot movements that may result in debilitating injuries like a torn ligament or even a fracture. Therefore to avoid such instances, it is best to go for shoes that protect you from all sorts of injurious impacts. 

If you buy a shoe that protects you in such a way, then you will also become mentally free of the fear of hurting yourself. This will allow you to focus more vigilantly on your exercises. 


Spontaneous movements during HIIT sessions might become troublesome if your shoe is not lightweight. Make sure the shoes you purchase are not unnecessarily bulky. Otherwise, it will feel like a burden, and you will feel uncomfortable.

A lightweight shoe will enable you in several ways. First, it will aid in making prompt movements. Second, it will not exhaust your foot or calf muscles. A heavy shoe may also have a toll on your back muscles. However, a lightweight shoe will not put an unnecessary strain on your muscles.

This, in turn, will allow you to exercise for more extended periods while a heavy shoe will cause you to fatigue more quickly than anticipated. 

What Type Of HIIT Shoes Should I Look For?

For HIIT exercises like running a focused class or cycling, it is best recommended that you go for the right attire for that particular activity.

There are different types of shoes for high impact workouts. However, the best shoes are the ones that will offer you excellent breathability levels, fit your shoes perfectly well, are long-lasting, and have excellent grip.

Should I Wear Running or Hiking Shoes For HIIT?

Although it is not recommended to go for running shoes since they are not specialized for HIIT, however, there are certain classes of running shoes such as Asics gel venture six that also has more outstanding breathability and enhanced balance. So it is not advisable to buy running or hiking shoes for HIIT purposes, but you can always go for them for duality purposes. Also, you need to have a good outfit to look nice and sexy while you do that HIIT exercise at the gym.

What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes For HIIT Training?

The most comfortable shoes for HIIT training Reebok Nano X2.


After carefully scrutinizing the search results and carefully pondering over the analysis, I have concluded that the best HIIT shoes for women are the Reebok Nano X2.

The Reebok Nano X2 is a lightweight and highly breathable shoe. It has exceptional traction, enhanced stability, extra durability, and sleek and slim design. The impeccable design renders the shoe extremely efficient for people who love to exercise. It serves as the best workout partner. 

No matter how rigorous or extensive HIIT workout you do, your foot will feel at ease. Its secure fit feature will help in preventing undue calf pain and ankle injuries. You will find yourself as fresh as you did before the start of the exercises, thanks to the comfort these shoes provide. 

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