The Best Running Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma (Latest Version)

Are you worried that you cannot run as you did before? It is no more a problem if you have the right pair of shoes for your condition. Here we have compiled for you the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma. We have studied the type of shoe people with this medical condition wear and searched on amazon for such products for you.

We have tried our best to bring you brands that help alleviate the issue and give you the best running experience. You may continue reading below to find yourself a decent pair that perfectly fits your choices. We are adamant that you will find a shoe for yourself from our collection.

Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma (For Women)


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If you are suffering from Morton’s Neuroma, you need a pair of running shoes with a wide toe box. With its roomy toe box, the latest edition of Altra Torin is the right choice for you.

Altra Torin has gone through a complete makeover. Since it provides a perfect match between the heel-to-toe drop, it will help soothe and lessen the burning pain underneath your foot.

The midsoles have Altra’s best Quantic foam. This foaming provides a soft feeling to the ball of your foot and prevents you from getting that pebble type feeling near the foot of the ball. Additionally, the Quantic foam midsoles provide a strategic balance to the nerves. 


  • Additional cushioning system at the centre.
  • Wide and flexible toe box essential for Morton’s Neuroma.
  • Naturally fights against Morton’s Neuroma pain.
  • Soft feeling underneath the foot.
  • Higher breathability, essential for nerves underneath the foot


  • The shape and design may seem unconventional.
  • Durability issues if used on rocky, uneven terrains.

TOPO ULTRA FLY 2 (Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma)

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The Topo Ultrafly 2 has a zero-drop feature. It essentially means that now there will be a managed and same distance between your heels and toes. The balance will help your nerves and prevent the intensification of pain.

While the knit mesh upper ensures an adequate support system, the softer tongue ensures shoe’s softness. The shoes come with Topo Ultrafly 2 technology, which means that these shoes are designed to enhance flexibility in the areas near Morton’s Neuroma. 

Your toes are also protected because of the wide toe-box that allows your toes to move freely, which is an essential feature in a shoe for Morton’s Neuroma. On the other hand, this version is better than the previous one in terms of its softness. 


  • Spacious toe box crucial for Morton’s Neuroma
  • Soft fabric that does not leave blisters
  • Flexible for better movement


  • May be short living

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19

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Brooks is maintaining its game, and all the buyers love almost all their edition. However, Brooks GTS 19 deserves a special mention for its high quality and extreme softness. After going through the reviews, I realized buyers were ready to buy this product of a hefty amount because it provided them with comfort.

The shoe is so soft that it feels like stepping into a pillow. With every edition, Brooks is increasing the softness of their shoes. Every runner owes a pair from Brooks and even with a flat arch or a distorted angle of the ankle. 

The excellent snug fit offers the right grip on your feet, so it will not keep coming off as you go. Plus, the shoe is light in weight, which adds to its list of advantages of why a runner may own these shoes. 


  • Super comfortable to prevent your feet from hurting
  • Excellent fit promotes higher performance
  • Firm grip for better stability 


  • May wear out easily
  • Relatively pricey

Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

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If you are a runner, you are probably looking for shoes that increase your mileage and allow you to float your way through the terrain. Saucony Cohesion 10 satisfies a runner with its lightweight material and extra padded heel for better comfort.

The shoes keep you comfortable for as long as you are running and keeps your feet from tiring out too quickly, which is why you can run many miles per day. The durability of the shoe is exceptional. They are your running partner for as long as you are an efficient runner.

The price of the shoe is by far the most reasonable one in my list. Also, given the quality of these shoes, I am quite sure it is not a bad bargain. You may also get the same features in other brands with higher prices. But if you are not brand-conscious and have a small budget, then these shoes are for you.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable for long term use
  • Reasonable prices


  • Cheap material may shorten the life of the sole earlier


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If you are looking for comfort and style in a shoe, then Altra Escalante 2 is my suggestion. The shoes not only look great, but their performance is just as great. I am surprised by how comfortable your running becomes in these shoes thanks to its advanced features like the zero-drop and the wide toe box that does not crowd your toes and keeps them moving.

The shoes fit you like a sock, and because of this fitting, you can carry yourself more confidently and maintain a proper gait while running. The shoes also help to keep your natural balance so that you can run on unpredictable terrains without a problem. 

A fresh spin on the design of the shoe has many buyers. The sleek design renders it very fashionable. You can look at the shoes and fall in love at first sight. 


  • Wide toe box convenient for Morton’s Neuroma 
  • Comfortable for improved performance
  • Maintains gait to keep you from tripping
  • Supports high arch


  • Sizes may vary than your regular size


best running shoes for morton's neuroma


An orthotic shoe that gives maximum ground contact for a better grip and an even better running experience. The spacious width and height of the toe box keep the fabric from hurting and rubbing against the toes. 

The foam of the shoe is thoughtfully engineered to give a floating experience and makes your every step spring that increases your performance as a runner. Similarly, the excellent quality sockliner improves the cushioning of the shoe to deliver you maximum comfort and minimal fatigue. Likewise, the shoe fits you like a sock that aids in the better running.

Some buyers may complain about how heavy the material of the shoe is, and some may not. It mostly depends on preference. However, the roomy space to occupy your feet may help compensate for the weight of the shoe.


  • Wide toe box important for Morton’s Neuroma
  • Durable for regular running 
  • Flexible to ease mobility 
  • Added cushion at the midsole 


  • May feel heavy and make feet tired

Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma (For Men)


best men's running shoes for morton's neuroma


If you are a daily runner who wants a shoe that lasts for an extended period and has reasonable prices, you may want to consider Topo Magnifly 2. The product is as pristine as any other known shoe brand.

The shoes provide excellent quality with the maximum comfort you are looking for with its roomy toe box. The best part is that you can avail of this beauty within your budget. You do not have to worry about your shoe wearing off any time soon. 

Plus, the shoe style gives it a casual look that allows you to wear them anywhere with a casual outfit for your day.


  • Affordable prices for most buyers
  • Comfortable cushion at the sole and collar
  • Long-lived for daily wear


  • Some may find the design unconventional

Brooks Glycerin 18

best men's running shoes for morton's neuroma 2


A versatile shoe with the right amount of comfort and the right amount of padding in the shoe. If you run daily, you know how much a good flexible, stretchy shoe promotes better running

The springy sprints and the floating experience come from the extra padding in the sole that bounces to make your running more efficient. 

In comparison to its predecessor, glycerin 17, glycerin 18 comes with DNA loft cushions for the added comfort you are looking for. It is not hard to notice that comfort is increasing as the new editions are invented.

The shoes fit you perfectly. The arch of the shoe flawlessly outlines your foot’s arch and maintains your contour so that you are more confident when you run without fretting overtiring your feet after a good run. 


  • Extra soft cushioning layer 
  • Snug fit for confident running
  • Durable for everyday workout


  • High prices may turn some buyers

Hoka One One Bondi 6

best men's running shoes for morton's neuroma


A runner’s dream is to run for miles and miles a day and still not feel tired. Although the stamina may decrease towards the end of the run, Hoka Bondi 6 promises to keep your feet as energetic as the start of the run. With a spacious toe box and extreme comfort, it is hard to get tired in such an amazing pair of shoes.

The mesh of the shoe is engineered to make sure your feet stay fresh no matter how long you stay in them. You will not have a bad odour from your feet after your workout, and you will stay dry the entire time. 

The midsole covers the whole inner surface of the shoe for improved cushioning. Similarly, it keeps your feet safe from any dramatic impact, rough terrains, or rocky edges so you can carry on with your marathon without worrying about injuring your feet. 


  • Full-length midsole for improved comfort
  • Advanced cushions increase performance
  • High protection against the rocky surface


  • Expensive compared to other brands

Hoka One One Speedgoat 3

men's best running shoes for morton's neuroma


Improve your running experience with Hoka speedgoat 3 and boost your productivity so that these shoes can change your life. By now, you must be tired of enduring the pain in your feet because of your medical condition. And because of this, you may not exercise the same way as you did before.

However, Hoka speedgoat 3 is designed to take all your pain away and allow you to relive your running experience. Once you find out how comfortable these shoes are, I doubt you will ever think twice about buying another pair or changing to another brand. 

This gives you maximum comfort without blisters or hurting your toes after your exercise. Another added feature is the midsole that springs every step and promotes improved running experience. Runners with Morton’s Neuroma can comfortably run in this pair.


  • Twice the cushioning for better productivity
  • Comfortable to wear all day long
  • Stretchy to encourage movement in Morton’s Neuroma


  • Decreased durability on rough terrain


best men's running shoes for morton's neuroma


New Balance is trustworthy shoes for those who want to mitigate Morton’s Neuroma and continue running rituals. Ultimately, it will brighten your running experience and protect your toes at the same time with the wide toe box and soft fabric. 

As you stride, these midsoles help in absorbing the shock and enduring it so well that you don’t feel pain underneath the foot. The buyers are content with the product as New Balance has been maintaining their quality for years now. According to them, it is worth every penny they spent.

The shoes provide the same comfort and the same level of comfort to any runner who has a medical condition so that they do not have to lag behind when it comes to exercising. 


  • Coziness keeps feet energetic 
  • Supports arches to decrease pain
  • Soft midsole for a pillow-like feeling


  • Heaviness may decrease mileage 

JARLIF Men’s Lightweight

best men's running shoes for morton's neuroma


Jarlif surely surprised me with their quality. I gave these shoes a try because the prices are not that high. It astonished me that I got what is shown on amazon. The shoes are very comfortable and gave me just the right fit. I do not feel the pain as much as I did before after my morning jogs.

And I also have to add Jarlif is packed with the features with high performance to make you feel like you are stepping on a pillow. The best part is that the shoe is very light in weight that aids in running for longer periods.

Also, the shoes come with a money-back guarantee, so we do not have much to lose, do we? But I am not returning this pair, I bought it after reading a lot of good reviews, and I do not plan on returning it. 


  • High quality gives it a luxurious touch
  • Comfortable for a long run
  • Lightweight enhances mileage


  • Cheap material may wear off earlier

Buying Guide:

What Is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma is a medical condition associated with foot disorder. In this condition, you feel mild to severe pain in the ball of your foot. The locus centre of pain is primarily between the middle of your foot.

You would feel perhaps you are standing on a pebble or a fold in your sock. You tend to get a stiff feeling. One of the tissues thicken around your leg that creates problems for one of the nerves leading to your toes. Resultantly, you feel a sharp and burning pain in the ball of your foot. And your feet, especially the toe, feels numb.

What are the fundamental causes of Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma primarily results from the following factors:

  • Any untoward stress or strain on nerves leading to your toes.
  • Wearing high heels exacerbates the condition. There is irritation and pressure on the ball of foot if footwear is very stiff or tight.
  • High-intensity athletic activities. If you are into very intensive sports activities such as long marathons or sprints, you may face this condition. Highly intensive sports put undue stress on toes, which may result in Morton’s Neuroma.
  • Wearing tight and stiff shoes can create problems. Some activities, such as hiking and rock climbing, where you wear tight shoes, can lead to this phenomenon.
  • People are suffering from foot deformities. If you are suffering from hammertoes or high arches, your risk of being affected by Morton’s Neuroma increases unprecedentedly. 

How do I know if I am suffering from Morton’s Neuroma?

If you face the following symptoms, then there is a very high probability that you are suffering from Morton’s Neuroma:

  • A genuine feeling as if you are standing on some pebble or hard concrete surface.
  • You feel a constant need to itch your foot.
  • You feel that perhaps your sock is not properly worn.
  • A constant burning pain feels near the ball of the foot.
  • The stiffness or numbness of your toes as the burning pain radiates.

Should I continue running if I have the symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma?

If it is a minor pain or you have just started to face it, then it is fine to continue running. Perhaps you can change or narrow down the time or running form. If you do not reduce running time, then it might exacerbate the pain.

However, if you are having severe pain, it is recommended to take rest. So, take a break of two to three days to check if the pain attenuates. Also, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor if the pain does not fade away.

What factors should I keep in mind while choosing the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma?

It is very important to choose a running shoe that has a roomy toe. A wide toe box will greatly help you to wiggle the toe around. When you can wiggle the toe, the stress on the nerve will lessen. In fact, the nerve will straighten up, reducing the burning pain.

Make sure that the sole is up to the mark. Here, the midsole plays a vital role. Morton’s Neuroma centres around the foot of your ball, effective and comfortable midsoles will help reduce the pain. You will not get that pebble type feeling.

Make sure the insoles and outsoles are of high quality. Morton’s Neuroma has this ability to return back if the soles are not of top quality. If you are an avid runner, then your soles tend to wear and tear as you run. If soles are not durable, then there is a higher probability that you face Morton’s Neuroma. 

Is There Anything Else That I Need To Do Besides Changing The Shoes?

We do recommend that the best strategy to eliminate pain is to buy the best running shoes for Morton’ Neuroma. However, new shoes won’t solve the problem if you don’t take the following precautionary measures:

  • Maintain a proper body mass index (BMI). If your BMI is overweight or obese, there is a greater chance of Morton’s Neuroma.
  • Do regular massage of your toe and foot. Give extra consideration to the ball of your foot as you massage.
  • Icing can help. Icing the affected area can help reduce burning pain.
  • Reduce your running time and speed. It is better to take rest and not indulge in excessive sporting activities. Take rest and analyze the intensity of pain.
  • Stretches can help. Stretching your foot muscles will help in reducing the numbness of foot as the nerve straightens up. Stretch your foot up and down, but do it gently.

Will Pads under The Toes Help In Relieving Morton’s Neuroma Pain?

They certainly will. See, our primary aim to treat Morton’s Neuroma is to first reduce pain along the foot of the ball. Wearing pads will certainly help since its foaminess will assist in comforting the foot.

The pads will alleviate your feet, allowing the toes to smoothen up and relieve undue stress beneath your feet.

How Can I Treat Morton’s Neuroma?

There are multiple ways to treat this medical condition. However, you need to practice patience and perseverance as it takes time to heal and completely recover. Following actionable steps will ensure smooth and fast recovery from Morton’s Neuroma:

  • Buy the right type of running shoe with a wide toe box.
  • Make sure not to wear pointed-toe shoes as it may radiate burning pain.
  • Do not wear shoes with heels that are 2 inch high.
  • Always remember to wear pads or arch supports. They help in alleviating pressure, hence reduced pain.
  • Lots of ice packs are needed. Icing will help in straightening nerves underneath the foot. It will reduce swelling and aid in a smooth recovery.
  • Try to do regular stretches at home. Stretch the foot up and down. Then move it all around. It will help to loosen ligaments, tissues, and tendons.
  • Physical therapy will do good. For this, you need to consult a doctor and practice therapy under his/her guidance.


Given the shoes I have on my list are all perfect for Marton’s Neuroma, I must still mention my favourite. ALTRA TORIN PLUSH (For Women) has become my new favourite from the women’s section for the extra comfort and flexibility, followed by Saucony Cohesion 10 (For Women) Running shoe for the advanced features.

NEW BALANCE 1080V10 (For Men) stands out for me because they always go by their word while JARLIF Men’s Lightweight (For Men) Athletic Running Shoes has the best prices on my list and has good quality.

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