8 Best Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning (Newest 2022)

What is the primary idea behind buying the running shoes for forefoot cushioning? A question to ponder upon!

The idea behind forefoot cushioning includes a large amount of padding under the forefoot. This excessive padding will help you reduce the greater impact forces on your knees, calves, and provides you with a smooth ride. 

In forefoot striking, your feet transition swiftly through each step and involves the ball of your feet. When your foot strikes the ground, it generates a force that propels your foot to spring from the surface. 

To make your feet used to forefoot striking, you need to get a pair of well-crafted running shoe that offers maximum forefoot cushion at the same time.

Many different features contribute to the accessibility of the best running shoes with forefoot cushion like the nature of the upper unit’s fabric, the structure of the midsole, and the overall design of the shoe.

Here is a list of our top 8 picks for today’s round-up!

Best Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushion (For Women)

Brooks Women’s Levitate 5 – Best Overall

Best Women's Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning

Brooks Levitate 5 is your go-to running shoes if you’re a foot striker as this shoe is well-known for its ample cushioning. 

The synthetic mesh upper is breathable, has 3D fit knit, and is super comfortable for the runners who require ample forefoot cushioning.

The midsole is made of PU cushioning system and provides you more exceptional energy bounce back with every footstrike. The outsole has a unique arrow pattern that gives you smooth transitions from heel to toe while running.

There is an ankle rubbing tab that prevents the foot from blisters and other injuries. This shoe is our top pick for running shoes for forefoot running as it gives perfect comfort, cushioning, and stability.


  • This shoe gives a sock-like fit.
  • The midsole provides excellent cushioning.
  • The shoe is quite responsive.
  • The shoe has a roomy toe box.
  • The shoe helps the foot to be in proper alignment.
  • Feel like soft ride.


  • The shoe is a bit heavy.


Saucony Women’s Kinvara 13

Best Women's Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning

Saucony never disappoints us when we look for best running shoes with perfect cushioning, Kinvara 13 has the most fantastic insole cushioning for your feet. It feels like a pillow to your foot.

The upper of Kinvara 13 is made of engineered woven mesh that gives extraordinary durability to the shoe. Flex film is used in this shoe that allows your feet to move more naturally with the shoe.

The tongue is attached to the meshed upper so that it remains in place and gives more comfort to your feet. The EVA-and-Everun techniques in the midsole allow you to cover long miles with ease.

The outsole is lightweight and made of rubber to accelerate your runs. Extra rubber under the heel and toe provide more support and cushioning while running.


  • This shoe just seems weightless.
  • The midsole unit is very springy yet stable.
  • It offers exceptional cushioning to runners with forefoot strikes.
  • It wraps your feet perfectly.
  • Best toe drop effect.


  • There is a minor issue with the sizing of the shoe.
  • Blown rubber.


Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 25

Best Women's Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning

The wave rider 25 has a much more breathable and well-constructed upper and a plush tongue that keeps the foot in place. 

A stiff plastic wave is sandwiched between the two types of foams featuring U4ic and U4icX technologies in the midsole that ensure unparalleled cushioning and support.

The insole gives you a sensation of the smooth-rolling ride with proper support and the cushioning that prevents your feet from injuries.

The outsole has a thick carbon rubber in the heel and softer rubber in the forefoot that provides you with the cushioning you need. The lighter rubber in the forefoot is responsible for your comfy stride.


  • The shoe has a reliable upper.
  • It is very responsive.
  • The heel collar gives you extra cushioning.
  • The extra cushioning under the forefoot ensures a smooth landing.


  • The outsole is a little stiff.


Reebok Women’s Nano X2

Best Women's Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning

This shoe features Reebok’s flex weave material, which feels like a plastic overlay on the top of breathable mesh that makes it much more durable. 

The midsole has extra padding and cushioning for the runners who are forefoot strikers. Cross Nano X2 has a wide toe box and a deeper heel sock. The toe box allows your feet to splay fully and ensures a greater grip on each type of terrain.

This footwear has extra rubber in the midsole and ample cushioning in the forefoot region, ensuring a smooth and stable ride for the runners who are conscious of forefoot cushioning.

This is your go-to running shoes with perfect cushioning and fantastic design.


  • The shoe is very breathable and responsive.
  • The midsole is supportive and wraps your foot firmly.
  • Nano X2 offers a great grip.
  • There is an excellent balance between stability and cushioning.


  • The shoe may feel tight to some runners.


Best Running Shoes For Forefoot Running (For Men)

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 38 – Best Overall

Best Men's Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning

Indeed, Nike produces some of the best running shoes, and Air Zoom Pegasus 38 is our hot top pick for the running shoes for forefoot running for men.

 The engineered Flymesh upper is seamless, with only one single seam at the back of the shoe. There are a few opening in the mesh around the toe box that ensures extraordinary breathability to the runners.

The insole is a little squishy so that when your foot comes in contact with the insole, the foam offers a custom fit to your feet and keeps them right in place.

The Flywire technology maximizes the support and cushioning and minimizes the weight of the shoe while making this shoe the jack of all trades.


  • This shoe offers excellent flexibility.
  • The insole feels like a pillow to your feet.
  • The shoe provides your feet with excellent traction.
  • There are numerous color choices for you.


  • The laces may seem difficult for you to adjust.


Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 7

Best Men's Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning

The Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoe is the best among the running shoes with maximum cushioning in the forefoot region. It is designed to provide you with ample cushioning and stability during long rides.

The upper mesh is thinner and gives you a silkier feel overall. The enhances comfort in the heel and forefoot makes the long runs much more comfortable and relaxed for the forefoot striker.

Bondi 7 features the EVA midsole that is a perfect delight to your feet without any doubt. The outsole is made of rubber that is abrasion-resistant and gives great bounce back to your feet while landing.

The outsole and the midsole have proven very durable so far, and the rockered geometry of the shoe works well on any kind of terrain.


  • The breathability of the upper unit is very welcoming.
  • This shoe is great at returning energy to the feet.
  • There is much more enhanced comfort & stability.
  • This shoe is extremely durable.


  • The tongue may rub against your feet.


Saucony Men’s Triumph 19

Best Men's Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning

Saucony Triumph 19 is a highly cushioned footwear that compliments your everyday-strides or long rides. It is the best choice for running shoes with forefeet cushioning. 

The upper offers an amazingly comfortable stride, and your foot experiences a cloud-like fit that allows you to move naturally.

The tongue, the heel, and the cushioning under forefeet are very padded that provides you with smooth heel-to-toe transitions.  

PWRRUN+ in this shoe gives you maximum underfoot cushioning, and the outsole pattern of this shoe is highly durable and ensures a secure grip to the ground.


  • The running shoes offer an extremely cushioned plush ride.
  • The rubber sole provides excellent grip.
  • It feels very light on your feet.
  • The midsole is very softer and springier.


  • It feels slightly bulky.


Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 22

Best Men's Running Shoes With Forefoot Cushioning

Ultraboost 22 offers impressive responsiveness and comfort to your feet. The Primeknit 360 upper hugs your feet perfectly and allows you to move freely.

The 3D heel frame holds your feet perfectly in place, allowing them to move naturally, and the wide toe box ensures the natural splay of the toe. The upper has great breathability and ventilation that keeps your foot cooler even in hot environments.

The sole of the ultra-boost 22 is well-adapted to every kind of terrain and makes it smoother for you to run on every terrain like asphalt, rubber, and grass.


  • The shoe provides you with exceptional durability.
  • The Primeknit upper is non-irritant to the skin of your feet.
  • The spacious toe box feels very comfortable.
  • Adidas Ultraboost 22 is the most responsive shoe.


  • The sidewalls of the shoe may feel a little uncomfortable for some runners.


Buying Guide

Forefoot strike running shoes are not categorized as a whole different class of shoe because the way you step and lift your foot using the ball of your feet, totally depends on your capacity and technique of running. 

There are some runners out there who find heel striking more comfortable for them, but if you find forefoot striking comfortable, then to practice it and get used to it. Various factors can help you achieve your desired performance.

Highlighted Features of Forefoot Strike Running Shoes

Permissive upper

The upper unit of the shoe is of great importance as it hugs your feet according to the natural shape of them and maintains the neutral stance. The fabric of the upper must be stretchy to ensure optimum performance while running.

The upper must be permissive and non-restrictive for forefoot striking especially. 

Tried-and-tested cushioning system

The multiple layers of midsoles provide you with ample forefoot cushioning to have a smooth and supported ride. The cushioning system in our Air Zoom Pegasus and Levitate 5 is perfect to compliment your everyday-strides. Forefoot strikers always require a perfect cushioning system in the midsole.

In this round-up review, the running shoes we mentioned have the best midsole foam technologies that make them stand out in the ocean of other running shoes.

Hefty midsole shape

The flat midsoles are designed to maintain balance, and the curve of the sole helps the foot move forward with every footstep.

The convex platform is designed to accommodate the feet and counter any discomfort while running on rough terrain.

How did we pick the running shoes for forefoot running?

Before we start searching for the best shoe with forefoot cushioning, we keep some points in mind that are necessary to be in a shoe for forefoot strikers:

  • Mid-foot wrap
  • Outsole rubber
  • Carbon-filled soles
  • Ample toe box
  • Outsole flex grooves
  • Less bulky ankle cushioning
  • High energy return
  • Propulsive midsole foam
  • Lightweight 


After our in-depth research, we came up with the running mentioned above running shoes with ample forefoot cushioning. But there are two winners for this roundup:

Winner for Running Shoe for Forefoot Running for Women:

The reason why we chose Brooks Levitate 5 as our winner is the versatility of this shoe. It offers sufficient cushioning, maximum responsiveness, and above all, it feels lighter on your feet.

Winner for Running Shoe for Forefoot Running for Men:

Air Zoom Pegasus 38 allows natural foot control with its awesome traction and reduces knee and calves discomfort. The shoe gives a smooth ride to forefoot strikers and also feels fast.

So, choose your perfect pair from this round-up without wasting time and hours and hours finding your perfect pair.

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