The 8 Best Running Shoes for Older Runners (New Arrivals 2021)

Searching for the best running shoes for older runners? Say no more!  

What should you look for in shoes? Ideally, your hand picked shoes should boast: 

  • Durability, flexibility, and support.  
  • A small raised heel, to take the stress off of your legs, shins, ankles, and feet.  
  • Excellent grip, to assist with balancing yourself.  
  • The wide toe area helps avoid feet deformations like bunions and hammertoes.  

Easy gait and motion control, to provide stability, and reduce the strain on your heels and joints. A lightweight cushioned support is recommended for maximum comfort, as it can absorb shocks. 

So, let’s get right to it! 

Best Running Shoes for Senior Runners (For Men)

After strenuous research on the subject, these are the shoes we have shortlisted for older men and women. We have listed the shoes below, according to their differentiating feature. The right fit for you may not be the right fit for someone else. So, go on and pick something for your needs. Suit yourself!  

Saucony Hurricane Iso 5 (Best for Resistance, Stability & Pronation) 

best running shoes for seniors 1

Do your feet roll inward while walking or running? If so, these are the perfect shoes for you!  


  • Common consequences of overpronation are ankle and shin pain. This is where shoes that provide stability can be your savior. It fits your foot perfectly.  
  • It offers extra motion control and soft cushioning too, which can help avoid injuries and provide stability and support you need.  
  • These shoes are perfect for jogging on the track or the road.  
  • This model has many different designs. Pick what suits your taste and preference!  
  • These shoes offer the right enough cushioning to be still able to maintain one’s balance. Their outsole is made from this extremely durable crystal rubber.  
  • They added more cushioning to the shoes this way, without making the shoe heavier. The Saucony Men’s Hurrican Iso 5 Running Shoes are not tough, nor stiff. So, they’re perfect for high mileage runs
  • The shoelaces are a significant factor for older runners. The laces do not loosen up quickly once they are tied. This is a very convenient feature for senior runners, as they do not have to bend repeatedly. 


  • The only drawback is that it is heavy, in comparison to the other running shoes. This could be problematic for older runners who suffer from muscle fatigue or joint pains, which may make that situation worse.  
  • This means they are not easy to carry. On the bright side, shoes that are too light can also be bad for you, because they make balancing a bit difficult and can not guarantee stability! 


Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 (For Stretch And Structure To Avoid Soreness)

best men's running shoes for older runners 2

Do you suffer from Achilles or flexor-longus soreness? If the answer is yes, say no more! The Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 are the easiest to carry.  


  • Due to their spectacular outsole grip and flexibility overall, These shoes are easy to break into and fit like a sock from the first time you try them on.  
  • Their shock absorption makes them feel bouncy and super lightweight.  
  • There’s a lot of variety in terms of colors, and they’re super durable too.  
  • They have almost all the features you might need in your shoes as a senior! This pair is for both men and women, with the same features.  


  • The shoe isn’t the best choice for uneven surfaces, due to their cushion stack height. However, the cushioning is what makes your foot hit the ground smoothly as you run, without causing injuries.  
  • So, there’s a significant pro within this con. It is not easy to find running shoe with almost all the features necessary! 


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 (Best For Slippery Surfaces)

best men's running shoes for old runner 3


  • Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 uses lightweight foam, which is shock absorbent, mixed with air cushioning, for that perfect bounce off the ground. The pointed heel is a sports aesthetic for sure. They come in many different colors and styles.  
  • They are ideal for speedy runners, as their outsole assures a trouble-free landing back to the ground. This shoe is softer and lighter than the shoes mentioned above, making it less strenuous for the older population, providing relief to the knees. 
  • To top it off, they are budget-friendly and durable. It is not too fitted from the upper, front part of the shoe, which can be a good and a bad thing. It is good in the sense that it will not make your foot feel too tight.  


  • But it can be a bad thing if you lose your grip because of that. The outsole also seems to be very thin – it could easily tear if you stepped on something sharp during your run.  


New Balance 1080v8 Fresh Foam (Best For Uneven Surfaces)

best running shoes for older runners 4


  • These shoes present the Fresh midsole Foam, which offers ultimate comfort and balance while running. It is easy on your shins. Unlike the shoes mentioned earlier, the sole for these is neither too thin nor too thick. It is the perfect amount of thickness to maintain balance while running.  
  • New Balance Men’s 1080v8 also boasts a wide toe box, which is ideal for men’s shoe, since they generally have more extensive and broader feet, compared to women.  
  • The Ultra heel is exceptionally soft and comfortable for your joints and muscles extending to your lower back. The footbed is cushioned appropriately.  
  • The design makes the shoes breathable as well, so say farewell to sweating inside these shoes!  


  • The only downside of these shoes seems to be the inaccuracy of sizing. This can cause your foot to slide inside your shoe, and potentially cause a sprain. So, make sure you try on these shoes before buying them! 


Best Running Shoes For Older Runners (For Female)

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12  (Best Overall With Exceptional Mobility)

women's best running shoes for older runners 1


  • The shoe offers extreme comfort to those older women with existing foot deformities like bunions.  
  • They also have flex grooves, making these shoes super flexible and adaptable to the type of surface you run on.  
  • The ankle collar is perfectly cushioned.  
  • The tongue is padded.  
  • The midsole is made of two-foam technology, which is the differentiating factor for this shoe as well. This makes them ideal for long runs, as they are very comfortable. They are not too mushy, though, so that’s perfect! 
  • They are also lightweight, making them less strenuous to carry.  


  • They are a bit expensive compared to others. But I believe they are worth the buck since they are the best overall.  


Salomon AlphaCross W (Best Running Shoe With Extra Features)

for senior runners 2


  • The shoe provides their valued customers with rubber soles. This is apt for slippery surfaces as well, which is especially important for older people, to avoid injuries.  
  • They are known for their aggressive grip, making it easier for older women to maintain their balance while running.  
  • Shafts are the extra feature here, which makes the shoe suitable for trail runs too. 
  • The top layer is made of mesh, adding to the comfort feature of these road shoes.  
  • The cushioning is not too much. It is included in the mid-sole.  


  • The shoe sizes seem to be bigger than they are supposed to be. So, sizing inaccuracy is a con for this shoe.  


ASICS Gel-Cumulus 20 (D) (Best Running Shoe For Gait Efficiency)

best running shoes for older runners 3


  • Gait efficiency is what makes these road shoes unique compared to the others mentioned here. The flex groove goes all the way from the heel to the forefront of the foot. As a result, the transition from the heel to the toe is exceptionally smooth.  
  • A Gel Cushion System exists for different parts of the feet: the rearfoot and the forefoot. This gel is made of silicon. Consequently, these trail running shoes are shock absorbent. The runner will not feel the impact of the foot hitting the ground too hard.  
  • This is so important for older runners, as this can cause sprains, pains, and other injuries for them. These shoes provide maximum support in that regard. These features make the ASICS Gel-Cumulus 20 (D) great shoes for old female runners who have plantar fasciitis.  
  • There is an additional cushioning present to provide maximum comfort.  
  • The fluid within the midsole makes the ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 20 (D) durable. This reduces the overall weight of the shoes.  
  • One of the limitations of the other shoes has been the lack of choice and variety in terms of color schemes and designs. That is not an issue with these ASICS running shoes! 
  • We have discussed the outsole and the midsole of these shoes. What about the upper part of the shoes?  
  • Overall the shoe is flexible. The material that the upper part is made from is lightweight, breathable, and free of irritants. You can wear these shoes without socks if need be.  
  • The heel part of the shoe has two-layer memory foam. The sock-liner there is also made from anti-bacterial material. This reduces the aftermath of sweating inside the shoe that brings about odor and moisture as well. This also provides extra cushioning and gives a soft underfoot vibe.  
  • Did I mention that these shoes are the ideal fit for older women who have high arches and narrow feet?  
  • They have foam midsole so it is best for heel strikers.
  • Extra gel cushioning makes the heel drop mechanism perfectly great!


  • These features failed to take running on slippery surfaces into account. These shoes are not appropriate for dense mud trails, pavements with light snow, or wet rocks. 
  • Another thing that may pose a problem is their narrow width. They also seem to have a narrow heel. So, despite the ASICS Gel Cumulus 20 (D) having a wide-toe box, the narrow heel could make the fitting of the shoe a bit uncomfortable for some.  


Mizuno Wave Creation 20 (Best Running Shoes For Older Runners)

best running shoes for women 4


  • Are you looking for a shoe that is affordable yet great at the same time? If the answer is yes, the Mizuno Wave Creation 20 running shoes are made for you! 
  • They are super comfortable and have reliable traction since they have a synthetic rubber sole, called the Mizuno Wave.  
  • There is an extraordinary amount of cushioning, making them incredibly soft and bouncy, alongside the sock liner. The insole and the forefoot have this cushion. This is coupled with a slightly tougher heel, for motion control and protection. These shoes have one of the best-cushioned insoles for running shoes! 
  • The material that these shoes are made from is breathable, and of high quality.  
  • If you are looking for something that does not tear easily, Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Running Shoes are the ones for you!  
  • The fitting and the sizes of these shoes are perfect too! Your foot stays in place throughout the activity. It does not feel loose. So, you do not have to worry about spraining anything as a result! 
  • Are you planning on running off-road, on a trail, or in the mud? Regardless of where you prefer running, guess what? These shoes are suitable for all types of terrain
  • Mizuno Wave Creation 20 are the perfect shoes for those every-day runs.  
  • Did I mention that these shoes are incredibly durable as well? It just keeps getting better. Durability is their differentiating feature, in comparison to the other shoes aforementioned. 
  • Rubber outsole makes it the best stability shoe and trail shoe.
  • Better arch support makes it the best stability shoes.
  • Thanks to these features, you can bid farewell to knee and backaches! 
  • Impact absorption is just perfect. They are the best drop shoes and trail shoes.


  • Synthetic rubber, the material made for the sole, may make the shoe a bit heavier than other shoes, though. Fortunately, the heavyweight of the shoe is actually beneficial for people who are under pronators. So, it’s a win-win! 
  • Another issue that seems to exist is the colors that are available for this line. This shoe only comes in neon colors. So, people who prefer neutral colors like black or white may have to compromise on that factor of personal preference! 


Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Yourself 

Running Terrain Should be Best for Runner

First and foremost, what type of surface will you be running on? Would it be gravel paths, trails or road running? The features of this shoe differs based on this. Their level of cushioning and shock absorption will determine the terrain they are meant for.  

For running on trails, you will need a shoe that is lightweight and has a good grip, like the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35. This will help avoid strain on your leg muscles.  

Make sure the shoes you buy have mesh upper, are extra wide with dna loft. They are the best shoes for older runners. In fact, it will ease your foot. It will make the heel to toe movement very soothing and comfortable.

Do you prefer off-road runs? The ideal type of shoe for that should contain a wide-toe box to protect your toes, like New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam.  

Weight Factor  

This means taking the weight of the runner into account, to make the right pick.  

Shoes offering stability are essential for senior runners who are relatively heavy, like the Saucony Men’s Hurricane Iso 5. 

However, super-soft running shoe could increase the likelihood of injuries. It can cause problems with balancing due to instability.  

Examples of some of the overpronation injuries include:  

  • Bunions 
  • Heel and shin pain 
  • Lower back pain 

So, stable shoe can help your feet feel less burden of your weight. The shoes’ outsoles and midsoles also play a major role in this.  

Also, in general, women have low body mass, in comparison to men. This leads to differences in suitable designs for older men and women. Women’s’ ideal running shoes should be soft, lightweight, and flexible with relatively less foam.  

Shoe Size and Foot Shape 

Men and women have different shoe sizes and feet shapes. Men’s shoe size tends to be bigger, making their shoes slightly wider. Women’s’ feet shape is usually narrower, which is why their shoes weigh less than men.’  

As your feet hit the ground when you exercise, they are bound to expand in size temporarily. For some older people with sensitive feet, this may even cause swelling.  

Therefore it is recommended for seniors to go one size bigger than their original size. This is bound to make your muscles and skin feel less tight inside the shoe; hence, less likelihood of shoe bites and blisters overall. But make sure that the brand you are buying shoe from has accurate sizing! 

Support and Comfort  

It is highly recommended that senior runners wear shoe with maximum shock absorption and the right amount of cushioning for extra motion control. They should provide support throughout the foot, from the toe to the heel, to ease the strain on your ankles and your joints.  

Easy to Put on 

In this case, the best choice would be lightweight shoe, with laces that stay tied for extended periods. This way, you will not have to bend and tie your laces repeatedly throughout your run, as this may be slightly difficult for older people.  

Foot Deformities  

There are many different types of foot deformities – overpronation, bunions, and blisters being the most common ones. If you are a victim of some of these, too, you might want to pick running shoe that will not make this situation worse. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 are perfect for this! 

Stack Height 

Although cushioned stack height can be problematic for running on uneven terrain, it is essential for older runners. 

It can be helpful for people whose feet underpronate. Moreover, flat shoes, in which you can feel the ground, are not recommended for senior runners, as this can cause tremendous stress on the ankles, and potentially cause perpetual feet to ache and swell.  

Brooks Ghost 12, for both men and women, are known for their stack height. If this is a factor you have in mind for buying shoes, this shoe is the one for you! 

The Controversy About My Top Pick: Brooks Ghost 12 for Men and Women 

One of the major disadvantages associated with my top pick is their stack height. Apparently, this is not ideal for all types of terrain, because of that. But let me present an opposing viewpoint for this.   

The stack height is there for your comfort and safety from potential injuries or foot deformities as an older runner.  

These shoes have shock absorption technology, which is vital to maintain your grip on the ground.  

They are flexible and lightweight, which is especially crucial for older women who like running. It complements the shape and size of women’s feet, which are narrower than men’s.  

The second thing that could be an issue for some is their high price. However, their high price is justified, since this shoe has all the features one may need, unlike most other running shoes, that lack some feature or the other.  

I personally think that the price is worth it. It is worth the investment due to its durable nature.  

These shoes have all the essential features I mentioned earlier in the introduction! Need I say more?  

The Final Verdict  

See, that was easy! You just need to know what factors matter the most for you. Pick your running shoes accordingly.  

So, my top choice is Brooks Ghost 12 for both Men and Women. It has all the features you may need for running. They’re durable, flexible, comfortable, lightweight and shock absorbent. 

They may be slightly expensive, but they’re most definitely worth the investment. 

However, I can offer two other personal favorites: Mizuno and Saucony. Unlike Brooks Ghost 12, Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 20 is an affordable choice, and Saucony Men’s Hurricane Iso 5 is apt for running on uneven terrain as well.  

Check out our latest post regarding the best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis. It will help you relieve the calf pain.

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