9 Best Running Shoes for Overweight Women (New Updated 2021)

If you are visiting us, you are probably looking for the best running shoes for female runners. Are you also worried about the constant gain in your weight? Are you planning to become active and start working on your weight? Then what is better than running a marathon.

The list of shoes we have compiled for you contains the top choices of buyers on Amazon, and of course, after thorough research and studying what the buyers had to say about the products. We can assure you that you can easily find a pair for yourself according to your preferences. 

You may continue reading the article below to see what are the best products available in the market. 

9 Best Running Shoes For Heavy Runners (Women)

Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy

best women's running shoes


What is better than a shoe that looks good and allows you to go jogging for longer miles without hurting your feet right in the start? Gravity Defyer brings you the quality that you may be looking for, given how feasible it is to run in this footwear. The shoes are carefully designed for people who are diabetic and overweight. 

When a person is losing weight, they aim to have a long-term exercise plan. For this reason, buyers look for highly durable shoes, so that they do not have to keep changing shoes because they wear off quickly. Gravity Defyer promises high-quality durability with excellent traction. Hence, you can firmly run against all kinds of surfaces.

The shoes offer maximum protection to your feet from a severe impact or shock. This can mainly occur if you choose to run on uneven terrain that has rocks and is rough. On the other hand, the comfortable midsole, which extends over the entire bed of the surface, prevents you from acquiring plantar fasciitis due to extensive running. 

This feature gives you the ease of doing your daily jog without having to worry about your feet hurting after a day. 


  • The extended midsole for extra comfort
  • Protects against impact while running
  • Prevents plantar fasciitis 
  • Removable insole to replace it with a better one
  • High durability for more extended performance 
  • Best for wide feet


  • Pricey in compared to other brands 


Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker (Best Running Shoes For Heavy Runners)

best women's shoes for heavy female runners


Anyone who loves exercising and they are fond of a daily workout must know about Brooks. Brooks is famous for its excellent quality sports shoes. Every shoe that they produce proves better than the previous edition.

Brooks’ addiction walker is mainly manufactured for women who are new to running. The shoes encourage productivity with the help of improved comfort technology that allows you to run for an extended period. 

If a person struggles to keep up with their training schedule, they must look for comfortable shoes, or else if they find irritable shoes at the start, they may become discouraged and leave their exercises for good. Therefore, Brooks introduced shoes that you can pick without giving a second thought to. 

And do not worry if you think you have a high arch and no shoes can fit you. This collection has the feature to gently hug the outline of the span of your feet to keep you comfortable so that you can have a confident and steady gait

The laces on the shoes provide you with the best and secure fit. It is imperative to have shoes that fit you perfectly. Otherwise, it becomes hard to walk, nevertheless, to run in them as your feet slip out from the shoe, increasing the risk of you tripping and injuring yourself. 


  • Excellent fit for secured running
  • Maximum comfort to prevent feet from hurting
  • Long-term durability 
  • Supports high arch to support gait
  • Improves productivity with its optimal support 
  • Improves running form.
  • Stability running shoes.


  • Costly


Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 23 Waveknit  (For Overweight Runners)

best overweight women's running shoes


If you are looking forward to working out for hours to lose your weight, you sure are looking for shoes that are immensely comfortable and keep your feet fresh and dry. Nobody wants their feet to stink, or the interior of the shoe allows sweat to build in between the toes. 

With Mizuno Wave Rider, all you have to worry about is losing your belly fat while this pair of shoes takes care of the rest of your needs. The footwear proved as an incredible running partner where you can run for miles and miles without becoming exhausted too quickly. 

Similarly, the comfort of the shoe is commendable. The company has produced a product that makes a person feel like stepping into a pillow. Every step that one makes feels super light and soft. The soft yet firm sole also keeps you secured from any impact that you may encounter while running. 

If you are looking for a complete package, then this shoe is for you. The price is reasonable, the product is available in various sizes, and several exciting colors can make heads turn in your direction. 


  • Keeps feet fresh with its breathable mesh
  • Pillow-like sensation
  • Extra secured fit for a confident gait
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Improved cushioning to give maximum comfort 
  • Greater shock absorption capability


  • Does not support high arches 


ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 21 (Best Shoes)

best obese women's running shoes


If people are surfing the internet to find themselves the best running shoes, they will definitely come across ASICS and its products. ASICS produces high-quality running shoes that every buyer wants to get their hands on. In fact, if someone is a marathon runner, and they have a lot of knowledge about the technicalities of running, then they must own ASICS footwear.

Imagine running in the shoes that ease your running experience and improves the quality of the steps you take while enhancing your performance and productivity each day. Such is the case with ASICS. The company guarantees to stand by its word and bring you every feature that an excellent running shoe must include. 

The shoewear is excellent in its deliverance. It almost gives a runner a floating experience thanks to its super bouncy feeling that makes every step lighter and springy. All credits to ASICS, you can stay on your toes for as long as you want. And you will stay as energetic at the end of the marathon as you were at the start


  • Guaranteed shock attenuation for increased protection
  • Soft midsole to prevent Achilles tension
  • Neon color enhances visibility in dim light
  • Excellent bounce with its elastomer compound
  • Better performance with its new technology
  • Mesh upper
  • Midsole provides cushion and support


  • Limited Designs
  • Better than asics gel nimbus 22


Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker (Best Shoes for Heavier Runners)

best women's running shoes for overweight women


I can’t emphasize enough on how much I loved these shoes when I bought them from amazon. I was stunned that it gave me everything I was looking for in a running shoe. I have bought many running shoes from online stores before and even Amazon. Still, every time you make a purchase, you always feel skeptical about whether it will be up to the mark.

However, this shoe blew me off. I bought it after I read several fantastic reviews about it. Although some buyers were not happy with the size of the shoe, I was completely satisfied with it because I have small feet and it worked perfectly for me. So, if someone with a wide foot is considering this shoe, you may have to buy a size larger than your regular fit.

Apart from my experience, the shoe is an excellent match if you are someone with flat feet. The shoe helps with maintaining the arch and supporting the ankle allowing you to walk with a firm grip against the ground. 

One will not find themselves frequently tripping if they are running in this shoe. And above all, the shoe promotes excellent performance to overcome your weight problems in no time. 


  • Alleviates pain with its maximum arch support
  • A supportive shoe for a disfigured ankle
  • Encourages improved running with its soft material
  • Flexibility allows prompt and quick movement
  • Easily allows spending longer hours in them with the added comfort 


  • A size too small for a wide foot 


Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 (Best Running Shoes For Overweight Women)

women's running shoes for overweight females


This eye-catching product is stealing a lot of buyers from any online store. Everyone already has their trust built with Brooks’s ghost collection. No one can doubt the quality that Brooks has to offer. The brand is working on making excellent quality products for a long time now. Especially the ghost collection. 

Ghost 12 is an incredible running shoe if you are a person who is looking forward to a commitment for a more extended period with their weight loss plans. The shoe will survive till the end or even more than any weight loss plan. It is because the shoes come with marvelous long-term durability and high-quality material that never disappoints its wearer. They are the shoes for heavier runners and are better than brooks adrenaline gts series.

The brand promises to turn you into a runner you dream of and assist in giving you a body that you are aiming for. In addition to this, Ghost 12 is far better than its predecessor, Ghost 11. The new edition comes with a high energizing cushion that, in turn, does not compromise on the comfort level that it gives you. 

You can wear them to the gym, uneven terrains, running tracks, or even to your office. The shoes will keep you on your toes the entire time you are wearing it.


  • The lightweight shoe does not tire feet 
  • Exceptional durability for long term weight loss plans
  • Smooth heel to toe transition with its integrated shock-absorbing quality
  • Excellent fit that hugs feet like a sock
  • Balances natural gait for firm running experience
  • Gel cushioning
  • Good for long runs hoka


  • Limited colors


New Balance Women’s 520 V5 


After thoroughly checking the product and going through the reviews most buyers had about the product, I can firmly say that New Balance has created a masterpiece that guarantees top-notch performance and makes your feet like stepping on to a cloud. 

The consumers were delighted with what they had received. Many buyers said that the company delivered exactly what they showed and said they would. The fact that a company gives what they promise to help them earn the trust of their customer and turn them into loyal buyers.

Also, the attractive and bright, vibrant color is a good match for hot summer days. It gives off a summery and refreshing feeling. And not just this, the material helps in keeping your feet free of stinky odor. I can understand how uneasy one can possibly become if they have moisture in between their toes. 

Plus, when a person plans to lose weight, they tend to work out almost every day. So, if a shoe traps odor and sweat, it may disgust a wearer to wear such shoes that are obnoxious on the inside. On the contrary, New Balance makes sure you are at your ease, anyhow.  


  • Super comfortable insole to increase productivity
  • Additional ankle support gives improved stability
  • Springy and thick sole for faster running
  • Vibrant colors that make it look even more sporty
  • High-quality material 
  • Gives a smooth ride
  • Stability shoe


  • Loose fit for smaller feet


Salomon Women’s X-Mission 3 

best female's running shoes for overweight women


Just look at the shoe. It makes me want to go running just now. The classic sporty look of the shoe is very attractive for any buyer, especially for a woman. The color combination is unique. Given the fact that Salomon produces running shoes that aid the wearer to perform even better than they did with their old shoes. 

If you are planning on losing your weight, you can easily trust Salomon trail running shoes to give you the best time running. People often find it hard to pick a shoe for themselves because at first, they can’t tell which one will suit them the best. However, with Salomon shoes, you pick the product with your eyes closed.

The company promises to allow you to run comfortably with its cushioning mechanism that aids in the comfort one can look for in a shoe. Plus, you will never become dissatisfied with the product, first because it will not wear off anytime soon. Secondly, you will fall in love with it and never get tired when you run in them.

You will also like the footwear for its exceptional grip on any kind of surface. The 3D grip with its multi-pattern and multi-density technology permits you to run on rocky, uneven, firm, and even wet terrains. 


  • Excellent grip against any surface
  • Uncompromised comfort technology for extra mileage
  • Snug fit for a confident running experience
  • Eye-catching color combinations
  • Supports all kinds of arches
  • Has midsole foam
  • Upper mesh


  • Some may found the sole uncomfortable because it is thin


TSIODFO Women Sport Running Shoes


Looking for a stylish shoe that is within your budget? Well, you have your answer. TSIODFO has managed to make you comfortable and also look fashionable. The shoe does not irritate your feet. In fact, the toe box is very accommodating even for wide feet. 

The shoes eliminate any chances of you becoming uncomfortable, encouraging you to focus solely on your exercise. It permits you to take swift and confident steps while keeping you cool and fresh. The mesh is extremely breathable and airy that allows air to pass through the fabric to keep your feet free of moisture.

It also assists in faster running, and the relatively reduced energy consumption is taking care of your steps while running. The shoe is a great partner for those looking to lose weight. Once you start running in this pair, you might never want to return to the regular shoe that holds you from staying comfortable in your shoes for long hours.

Also, the company made sure to pack the product with all the latest technologies to boost your running experience and make you even more comfortable when you wear them than any other running shoes.


  • Breathable mesh to keep feet fresh
  • Advanced cushioning technology
  • Wide toe box to allow room for toes to move
  • Maintains natural and confident gait
  • Excellent shoes for the price
  • Best for long distance proper running


  • Low-quality material that wears off easily


Buying Guide

What weight is considered a heavy runner?

People should weigh themselves first thing in the morning before they have consumed any meal, but after they have emptied their bladder to get the right weight. On the other hand, any individual with a weight of over 90 kgs, or has a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25 is considered a heavy runner.

Is running while overweight bad for your knees?

According to researchers, running is an excellent exercise for your joint. It helps them keep healthy for a long time. However, if a person is suffering from joint disease, then it may not be suitable for such an individual to run. Still, they can look forward to just walking. 

On the contrary, a person who has had knee replacement surgery may want to consider walking slowly, as running is not suitable for the replaced joint, which does not allow a complete range of motion for the joint.

What is the healthiest distance to run?

Almost every exercise or every mile that person runs contributes to weight loss. Nevertheless, if an individual is looking for a particular number to run every day, then 2 miles per day should do it. This makes 40 miles per week, which is more than enough for any person to rapidly lose weight.

What do you think might be the causes of being overweight?

Obesity is one of the biggest problems the world is suffering from. It is because with obesity comes many other health concerns that prove as unhealthy for a person. The causes of obesity are several. The most common reasons for obesity are:

  • Overeating
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Genetic
  • Health issues like hypothyroidism
  • Psychological disorders
  • Medications 

How does being overweight affect your breathing? 

Being overweight takes a toll on all the organs of the body, especially the lungs. The extra space that the fat takes in our body reduces the space the diaphragm and the lungs need to expand to fill itself with air. The more a person is obese, the harder it becomes for them to breathe.

Also, a diet full of carbs and fat may make a person anemic, where they have less blood carrying oxygen in their bodies. They easily fatigue and find it hard to breathe as muscles can’t consume as much oxygen as they normally should. 

What is the best way to start exercising if overweight?

The best way to start off with your plan is to take everything slowly. A person first needs to have a slow pace and practice light exercises to build the stamina for a daily workout. Likewise, our bodies need a warm-up before starting to exercise vigorously to allow ourselves to become adapted to the change in our routines. 

On failure to take the pace slow, we may fatigue ourselves much earlier in our plan. This may lead to discouragement, subsequently, a lack of will to continue with our weight loss plan.

Can an overweight person practice climbing?

Climbing is very good cardio. It makes a body lose pounds pretty quickly. An overweight individual should not find it hard to climb. There is nothing wrong for an obese person to climb or go rock climbing.


I hope I have come up with a list of where you can find yourself the perfect pair of running shoes. Every shoe in the list stands out in its own way. Nonetheless, Brooks Ghost 12 took the lead for me.

The Ghost collection has a lot in store. From extraordinary comfort, durability, excellent fit, soft insole, or the lightweight of the shoes, you have nothing to lose. You do not have to compromise on anything, either.

On the other hand, I like the fact that New Balance has maintained its quality quite evenly through all its. Yet, my personal favorite is this New Balance Women’s 520 V5 .

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