(NEW!) 10 Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers (New Guide 2021)

After hours of research and carefully scrutinizing all the shoes out there, these are the best shoes for nurses according to three main features: Durability, Comfort, and Reliability.

You have to become used to working full time and staying on your feet for the longest time in a day if you are a health care worker. It’s why it’s so essential to wear high-quality shoes when at work. Even so, maybe no one deserves them more than health care professionals who are now working tirelessly to support those infected by the outbreak of the COVID-19. Salutations to all health care workers!

The medical profession can be overwhelming to put it gently. Healthcare staff have long days, and several of the hours are spent waiting, driving, and occasionally sometimes sprinting to emergency scenarios. The stresses of the work will take a toll on the body, especially the hands, feet, etc.

Luckily, premium cushioning comfort shoes may help relieve some of this physical discomfort. To ensure health care staff do their utmost, we’ve found the right shoes for all, doctors and other practitioners who level up when it’s required most.

Health care professionals spend most of their time on their feet. Running from here and there, so they know better than anyone about the value of convenience, longevity and comfort. With that in mind, we have handpicked some of the best shoes for all the health care professionals who are serving humanity to keep going. These shoes do not only include boring-hospital shoes but stylish sneakers and realistically helpful clogs that are perfect for all the healthcare workers. 

Best Shoes for Nurses – Women 

Read below to find the best shoes for women working in the health sector. 

Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Slip Resistant Clog

best women's shoes for healthcare workers 1

Crocs Mercy Work Clog is another shoe option that provides excellent options for alternatives (instead of aiming for trendy features). For healthcare workers, they just need a stylish range of features for their everyday work, so this style fits the right specifications.

The style is very different with a mix of canvas boat shoes and jelly sandals for ladies. Many prototypes are designed for people, which I will discuss later. Croslite is a unique composite consisting of a flexible foam rubber with strong shock resistance.

The item leaves the feet feeling relaxed, gently massaged and oxygenated. You are also able to spend a full day without getting sores and aches on their hands and heads. Crocs Mercy Work Clog is also the right shoes for doctors on the market because they are designed for a busy setting.


  • Lightweight.
  • Washable. 
  • Provides ventilation. 
  • Durable.
  • Shock absorbing.


  • Looks informal.


Alegria Women’s Classic Clog

best women's shoes for healthcare workers

It is designed with leather on the top, while it has incredible insoles made up of memory foam and rubber. Alegria Classic Clogs for women are secure and sturdy in design. For a small heel (1.5 inches) and a 1-inch frame, the shoes will carry the foot when sitting or standing.

The clogs have top-notch standards of arch protection and enormous balance in shock absorbers and the remainder. Yeah, your feet will thank you for giving them some comfortable cushioning. 

You can easily find it in different sets of colours and textures; the item is a stunning compliment to your looks. Alegria Classic Clog is the perfect pair for physicians as it has suitable protection for the entire foot. You will walk and stay comfortably for a number of hours!


  • Fabulous for those with high arches.
  • Slip-on shoes.
  • Effortless.
  • Comfortable.
  • Soft.


  • Some people find it too narrow.
  • Size runs short.


Brooks Women’s Ghost 12

best women's shoes for healthcare workers 3

Brooks is now amongst the most popular brands on the shoe market for centuries. Brooks is also a pioneer in the advancement of emerging innovations, and the organization also emphasizes the efficiency of each product.

Many of the customers were fascinated by these shoes as they moved from a pair so because Brooks Ghost 12 is so awesome. Due to its features and functionality, the people who wear it feel happy with their relaxed pairing of shoes. Because this is sports shoes, they can all be put to operate on various terrains.

Such shoes provide the aid you will need to get through long working hours in the hospital; The Ghost 12 has two styles of patented cushioning – BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft – that combine to offer exceptional underfoot softness, flexibility and longevity. The special Segmented Crash Pad on the outsole helps to withstand impact from any move you take, whilst the mesh top offers soft protection and breathability.


  • Patented cushioning.
  • Gentle to the feet. 
  • Shock absorbent. 
  • Soft protection. 
  • Breathability.


  • A little heavy on the feet.
  • Some people find it expensive.


ASICS Women Gel-Cumulus 20 (D) Running Shoes

best women's shoes for healthcare workers 4

The new Cumulus also has a sheet of Gel cushioning in the midsole, absorbing shock more than foam alone. Asics focuses the product in both the heel and the forefoot for faster movements and improved safety across the whole gait process.

Asics reworked the upper with a stretcher jacquard mesh that breathes easier than the earlier models. The product often removes some of the dense plastic layers that covered the 19, in favour of a fabric that best suits the foot—stepping into the pair. The healthcare worker will quickly find the cosier latest sock liner, which covers the foot cosily and supports shield against blisters. Yet the upper surface has a closer fit inside a small toe frame, which could be better adapted for slim leg athletes. The Cumulus still depends mainly on a single longitudinal groove that leads the foot across the gait process, which also gives more than adequate assistance to health care practitioners.


  • Breathable. 
  • Comfortable.
  • Seamless design. 
  • Responsive. 
  • Irritation-free environment.
  • Toe box is roomy.
  • Flexible ride.
  • Lightweight.


  • The outsole is not very durable. 


Sanita Women’s Original Pro-Shade Mule (Best for Medical Professionals)

best women's shoes for healthcare workers 5

The pair of shoes are crafted from leather with a rubber sole that helps avoid any sliding on damp floors. Additionally, the way the sole is designed helps to withstand any shock the feet can experience when running or moving. Such mules are constructed of the highest quality materials including rubber bottom, 100% leather, flat heel, premium leather top and many more. 

It arrives with an anatomically shaped leather footbed that assures impressive support. The highest standard of design and the highest quality of leather render it the most famous among men. You can find beautiful designs and colours online.

This pair has a wide toe box that maintains proper blood circulation in your feet. APMA accepts this for orthopaedic design and arch support. Such nursing shoes are more formal than sneakers. This can be helpful and advantageous to use for certain people who have suffered back problems and sciatica.

The style is basic but elegant, and it comes in a range of colours that suit the look you’re looking for. The colourful top looks fantastic on the black bottom. You just can’t go wrong with this outfit if you’re involved in health care. It is a perfect style for medical practitioners.


  • Slip resistant. 
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Soft. 
  • Useful for those with back or knee illnesses.


  • Costly.


Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Graphic Clog

best women's shoes for healthcare workers 6

Crocs are among the best strategies for nurses and people who have spent a long time standing or walking. Such clogs are an outstanding alternative due to their lightweight design. The soles of the Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Clogs are constructed of recycled plastic. The frame weighs about one inch.

Crocs clogs have a non-slip shoe and are certified by ASTM. The best part about Crocs Clogs is how you can rinse them out and therefore, better still, scrub them with water and soap.

Such clogs have a big toe box which allows space for the legs to match comfortably. Clogs are CE accredited as well. They’re available in many different styles. The only drawback is that these clogs will leave the feet a little sweaty because they’re not breathable.

They are indeed one of the best pair of shoes for medical professionals.


  • Extremely comfortable. 
  • Great for health care workers who wear shoes for long hours. 
  • Slip resistant. 
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Lightweight. 
  • Good cushioning.


  • Expensive.


Best Shoes for Nurses (For Men)

Read below to find the best shoes for men working in the healthcare sector:

Hoka One Bondi 6 (Best Shoes For Nurses)

best men's shoes for healthcare workers 1

The Bondi is the hallmark of the Hoka One Maximum Cushioning Road Shoe. Currently, in its 6th edition, the shoe has undergone a number of improvements over the years. Last year’s change was polarizing, and many athletes either liked it or despised it. Loyalists on the Bondi line were saddened with the improvement in cushioning and thought that the shoe had been so rigid and was not what it used to be. The shoe is smooth and comfortable enough to walk in.

The year’s update comes with revised extra padding to include a smoother ride and a new top with a mix of mesh and lycra. There were also small changes to the initial phase meta rocker strategies to improve the ride. The shoe has also added weight from 10 to 10.9 lbs.

The design is identical to the Clifton 5 except significantly wider in the toe section. The padding is nice, and ultimately the shoe looks cosy. The Bondi 6 sports a complete EVA midsole and early stage meta-rocker design. This is Hoka One’s most cushioned shoe. 

The outsole has had a minor rearrangement, with more abrasive material being put around the whole length of the surface of the foot, where the effect happens typically. This year, the EVA foam was changed to have a smoother fall. A small improvement was introduced this year with the current Clifton, so it took me a long time to determine if the padding was still better than the Bondi 5.


  • Wide toe box. 
  • EVA midsole. 
  • Smoother fall. 
  • Amazing padding and slip resistant. 
  • Comfortable. 
  • Shock absorbent.


  • Limited Colors.


New Balance 520v5 Cushioning Running Shoe

best men's shoes for healthcare workers 2

Although New Balance often makes shoes that are called walking shoes, if you walk fast or you walk more like a healthcare worker, then you should better choose running shoes. Shoemakers usually placed their latest technologies into their running shoe styles while walking shoes lagged behind.

Some walking shoes are not durable enough even for walking for your health, specifically if you are walking for a long time.  Although New Balance has several competitive walking shoe styles, their running shoes are also an excellent option for fast walking. New Balance has a variety of different styles, including overpronators who need speed controls, balanced, lightweight training shoes, comfort trainers, and hiking shoes. 

New Balance provides a number of different items from their collection for running and walking shoes. They have been using SL-1 and SL-2 for several years. Yet they’ve modified things, so it’s better to study the last model that suits your foot better, and then purchase the sneakers that were based on the last one.

The measurements vary in the width of the foot, the width of the toe box, the depth of the toe box and the height of the step. New Balance includes a map of the sneakers that lasts so that you can test which styles are better.


  • Durable. 
  • Lightweight and slip resistant. 
  • Comfortable. 
  • Stylish with arch support. 
  • Different styles are available.


  • Not everyone can afford it. 


Crocs Classic Clogs

best men's shoes for healthcare workers 3

Crocs Classic Clogs men are the ultimate definition of the typical ‘go-to-shoe!’ “if you’d like a flare for supermarkets in the shopping plaza or you are a healthcare worker at the hospital or a casual walk down the street on a sunny summer day; these crocs will be a perfect option.

These are constructed of croslite material to give additional cushioning to the feet, rendering them ‘extremely’ comfortable. These are both lightweight and sturdy, allowing them convenient to move on. A rubber sole promises consumers ‘long life inconvenience.’ They do have pivoting heel braces to ensure that the legs remain tightly locked in place when you travel.

Such clogs have unique airflow points that spell the term “crocs;” this helps them feel trendy. As a matter of fact, these modifications often allow your legs enough air room and ensure that your legs are not entirely sticky and smelly on hot summer days. Critics with neuropathy in their legs define these clogs as “godsends” as they may relieve the “foot pain” underlying medical condition.

They are one of the best pair of shoes for medical professionals!


  • Extremely comfortable. 
  • Additional cushioning.
  • High arch support.
  • Padding and slip resistant. 
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Limited sizes are only available. 


Dansko Paisley Sneakers (Best for Medical Professionals)

best men's shoes for healthcare workers 4

These shoes are specifically designed with leather and have a rocker bottom constructed of polyurethane that reduces shock and provides support to your feet when you’re wearing them.

They are set up to provide support for your foot, thighs, and back from the pain of walking while still at work. A creative shape may help move the foot forward to hold the wearer going. It enables you to save strength and ensure sure the muscles stay healthy through those lengthy 12-hour shifts. These do have a big two-inch heel for added protection.

The base of the foot would be about three-quarters of an inch. The toe of the pair has a secured toe box and a linked chain. These shoes may be quickly washed with wet soap cloth or a sponge to avoid some surface soil getting stuck.

Whenever it comes to performance and functionality, it’s going to be challenging to find some better shoes than these specifically for those who work in the healthcare sector. 


  • Easy on the pocket.
  • Easily Available Online. 
  • It has great performance.
  • Comfortable. 


  • Not the most durable shoes.
  • Heavier in weight.


Buying Guide

Read below to find the buying guide to get hands-on the best shoes for nurses:

What Qualities shall I look for while buying the best shoes for nurses?

Waterproof uppers and soles

There is a high possibility that your feet may come in contact with all kinds of fluids on the hospital floor; protective shoes are essential. You must evaluate the components and other features of the shoes to ensure that the pairs are safe, such as the mark and the definition. You can even wash your feet and have a fast dry period as soon as you get bright-coloured shoes.

Slip-on feature

Although this function is not necessary, it is also a handy bonus if you put your shoes on or off for just a second. Moreover, your hands don’t have to reach it when you’re wearing the piece.


The grip is a bonus factor to have the right shoes for healthcare professionals in the anti-slip portion. Often you can operate on a slick surface or a muddy board, so there’s a need to avoid spills. The outstanding handling slip and oil-resistant rubber in the outsole hold you safe from an unwanted accident.

Lightweight build

This is believed that a solid structure renders a decent pair of shoes, but this is an erroneous point of view. A massive frame will stop your foot from walking, particularly when you have to run under challenging landscapes. The right shoes for doctors need a lightweight style to help health workers walk quickly.

What kinds of shoes should healthcare workers wear?

Healthcare workers wear such shoes that are lace-up clogs, trainers, slip-on flats, orthopaedic shoes, loafers, and Velcro caps. They’re usually hunting for good and stylish pairs to wear every day.

Should healthcare workers use shoes made up of memory foam?

Shoes made up of Memory foam are the perfect shoes for healthcare workers for quality is vital since their work often demands standing or walking for long hours. Such material decreases the pressure on their feet. 

What is the use of shoe covers for medical professionals?

Throughout their operating hours, the circulation of blood in the foot is split on the shoes. And there might be infectious illnesses! Therefore, the usage of shoe covers is a good option in this situation.


Our top picks for the best shoes for nurses are as follows:

If you’re shopping for the right shoes for healthcare professionals, bear in mind that certain things need a sometimes before they start suiting you. But, if you try to experience anything different with your feet or knees for the first time, you may note the size of the pair. To find the best shape, make sure you recognize the concerns of your foot.

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