9 Best Shoes For Roofing (Buying Guide 2021)

It is imperative to buy the best shoes for roofing. Why? It is because of this simple reason.

Have you ever heard of all those fatalities that occur due to people slipping on the roofs while working/roofing? Yes, we have heard it too. There are several reasons why people slip on roofs and lose their lives – one such reason is not using the right kind of roofing shoes.

Even though a lot of roofing shoes are commercially available, it isn’t easy to get your hands on the roofing shoes that meet all your process and support you to stay safe as well! When looking for the right shoes for Roofing, remember the job criteria and the various kinds of roofs you’d be employed on to prevent losing some part of the task.

In this post, we’re going to address some of the finest roofing shoes to help you determine and invest in the right shoes for you. The following options have been hand-picked and considered carefully for you while bearing in mind their weight, durability, materials used, comfort and price.

The Best Shoes For Roofing

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage

best roofing boots 1

If you’ve been searching the internet to find the right shoes for Roofing before, you’ve heard about Thorogood men’s American Heritage Moc a lot of times. These shoes are made from the highest quality leather, i.e. full-grain leather. They have an insole produced of the greatest shock-absorbing material that protects you from electrical shocks from overhead cables while Roofing.

Having lace-up boots enables them to be interchangeable in a number of foot measurements. You need to really reconfigure the laces to your comfort. It comes with a MAXwear Wedge slip-resistant outsole, which makes it resistant to slipping against friction surfaces. That’s what makes it more appropriate for use on roofs because you need to maintain your health while operating in such a dangerous environment.

In addition, it has a steel toe that can hold up to 75 pounds of falling pressure. This characteristic not only protects you from falling but also prevents injuries from falling. They make shoes structurally sound and help stop cuts and burns. These shoes have been worn by many since they manage to provide enough convenience that you need to work in high areas.

These shoes are definitely worthy of the price as they are exemplary. Apart from serving as one of the best roofing shoes, they’re also great for everyday wear, since their steel toe doesn’t look cumbersome while giving the shoe a casual look. You’re not going to have to think about wearing them to certain locations since they don’t have the feel of roofing boots at all.


  • Ankle support
  • Excellent construction
  • Breathable
  • Cougar paws
  • Can take up a lot of pressure
  • Steel toe is amazing


  • Maybe unaffordable for some


Timberland PRO Men’s Barstow Wedge

best shoes for roofing 2

Timberland’s PRO Barstow Wedge is constructed of 100% antique leather. It has a rubber sole that seems to be necessary for walking on slippery surfaces as rubber eliminates friction. These shoes have an alloy toe and an anti-fatigue sole that gives your feet so much convenience that you will never feel tired while working in these shoes.

More precisely, these high-pitched boots are breathable. They haven’t started hurting your feet, even if you’ve been working in them for a long time. After heavy walking, several shoes appear to fatigue your feet, so you have this overwhelming impulse to take them off. With one of these roofing shoes, you’re going to be able to work long hours.

If you are wondering, what helps make them the best roofing shoes? It is their slip-resistant outsole that helps make it a perfectly appropriate choice for Roofing. It’s a wedge sole that serves as a comfortable pad for the foot.

For this low priced commodity, Timberland PRO Men’s Barstow Wedge provides a number of functionalities and features needed for the roofing shoes. Considering the low price of these shoes, there’s really nothing that is not in these shoes that you can find in other expensive shoes. That’s why they’ve always included a shoe list of best roofing shoes.


  • Ankle suport
  • Good Quality
  • Alloy toe
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable
  • Electrical hazard protection


  • Bigger in size from inside than they look


Irish Setter Men’s 6″ Work Boots

best roofing boots 3

Irish Setter, as you know, is a descendant of the famous Red Wing brand, renowned for its outstanding craftsmanship, which combines toughness and comfort in its line of work boots.

This specific style is built with the aim of providing adequate cushioning for walking and standing on asphalt, bricks, rough surfaces and even unpaved ground that would be suitable for contractors or warehouse staff. In addition, the stylish appeal provided by these boots makes them a nice option for the office or big events as well.

These particular work boots have many usages, whether in the office, in the factory or on a job site survey. It was constructed to provide enough comfort needed for someone who’s been on their feet for a long time.

These are well-built work boots with durable leather and a mock toe with triple stitching. The wedge sole is extra thick and has unmistakable traction. 

These 100 percent leather shoes with a rubber EVA-sole are heat resistant. They can resist melting at a minimum temperature of 475 Fahrenheit.  It is why these shoes have been identified as HR, i.e. Heat Resistant.  It is a very distinctive feature for roofing boots.

These shoes’ shaft measures 7″ from the arch, and its heel measures approximately 1.5 inches. The insole is removable and is made up of polyurethane. The lining of these boots is made of nylon.

As these shoes are mainly worn for Roofing, their outsole is made up of rubber EVA traction tread. It is to prevent electric shocks while Roofing in case of any contact with electrical wires. It is feasible to wash them simply by spraying some lukewarm water and naturally drying them.


  • Meets safety standards
  • Extremely durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Best for metal roofs
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Arch support
  • Slip resistance


  • Pricey


Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313

best roofing boots 4

If you’re searching for something tough that can accompany you through the toughest journeys and the most challenging jobs, those loggers boots can certainly inspire you. They are made of 100% leather like other boots, but what helps make them stand out in the list of roofing shoes is their resistance to abrasion outsole.

These Georgia boots are made of reddish-brown leather used to produce additionally durable uppers. Full-grain leather is perfect cowhide: supple, brine-repellent, soft and slightly stretchy. Logger laces walk all the way up to reddish leather. The tough lacing system is kept in position with stud hooks and eyelets on steel washers.

Orthopedic implants also provide curved support, softly adhering to the lines and curves of your foot. These Georgia shoes are made of lightweight, shock-resistant polyurethane, which causes soft insoles to absorb the shock of a soft step.

The company assures that these boots will be water-resistant for six months from the date they were purchased. Their toes are made from steel for safety against hard surfaces and have a lace-up closure for easy tuck-in.

The shoes have both a rear pull loop and a logo patch at the front for a comfortable fit. The real pull is to help you put your feet in as shoes are likely to shrink after some washes.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Made from good quality leather 
  • Hard sole
  • Reasonably priced
  • Shock-resistant


  • Limited colors


PAJAR Men’s Trooper Boots (best shoes for roofing)

best boots for roofing 5

These shoes are made of synthetic sole cloth. The insole is decided to make memory foam and is detachable. It also has a medium sole consisting of insulating material with air gaps between both the layers of aluminium and acrylic. Keep the small size in mind when buying. If you want to add thicker socks, you could perhaps need to go all the way up to give yourself room.

These are comfortable, casual boots that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Bear that in mind as you order. The boots don’t always come on or off. The zips on foot make it simpler to bring the boot off, but they don’t delete it. The laces have been the only way to get the boot on and off. Even so, it does imply that, in the longer term, the fit is a great deal better than that.

These boots have been specifically crafted by PAJAR for cold and snowy regions, as their insulation material midsole enables them to endure very low temperatures. Its lace-up feature adjusts and fits your feet inside the shoe to your convenience.

The fact that these shoes come in different styles, colours and materials are what makes them one of the best shoes for Roofing. You won’t just buy it for work, but they will be suitable alternatives for casual wear because of their style. They don’t look like work shoes at all. These are highly recommended for walking in snowy areas with their 1.5-inch heels and 1-inch platform.


  • Can be worn casually
  • Multiple colours
  • Insulating mid-sole
  • Flexible
  • Great looking


  • Limited designs


Timberland Men’s white ledge waterproof boot

most comfortable boots for roofing 6

These 100 per cent full-grain leather shoes come with rubber soles which reduce friction, thus contributing to the list of reasons why they are the best shoes for Roofing. The company uses a special method for waterproofing these boots known as seam-sealing, but what does it have for you to choose them? Rustproof speed lace technology so you won’t ever have to worry about the deteriorating of your shoes.

The leather of such boots is considered to come with waterproof characteristics, mostly during the tanning process so that it is completely waterproof. In fact, the White Ledge boots are always sealed, that ensures that no drop of water would be able to reach your feet. Your feet will still stay dry, even though you walk through the creek full-on!

With lace hooks at the top and a fully gusseted tongue, they are super easy for you to tie even when in a hurry. It has an EVA footbed and mid-sole while the outsole is rubber with multi-directional lugs for additional grip. So, to place it all in layman terms, these shoes are made to flex normally along with your feet, whilst also trying to make sure you stay precisely where you would want to be. Even the most slippery terrain is not going to be in question with these Timberlands.

It has so many quality features in them; these shoes are very affordable. They are also available in many sizes and also colours so you can customize your shoe according to your own liking and comfort.


  • Rustproof
  • non-slippery
  • Waterproof
  • Bends to the shape of your feet
  • Adjustable


  • Limited colors


Rax multifunctional V-tex Water Proof boots

best shoes for roofing 7

These shoes come with the most modern and distinctive features from other shoes considered to be the best shoes for Roofing. They are manufactured with both leather and fabric with an anti-skid rubber outsole with lugs arranged in a triangle shape. It increases the grip of your shoes on the ground.

These shoes have a nanofiber membrane which is waterproof. However, they are still very breathable and comfortable to be worn for long periods. They are great for you to wear for walks and jogs as they won’t make your heels hurt. It is because they have an EVA midsole that provides cushioning to the shoe for it to act as a comfortable support for your feet.

A high-foam one-piece shoe tongue is added to avoid sand getting inside the shoes. It is not too fit and allows adequate air to reach inside the shoe for proper ventilation.  V-TEX waterproof top helps to keep you warm and comfy for a long time. The Cushioning midsole is wonderful, so comfy and lightweight. RAX, as a clothing brand, is only from a single product, and it’s no surprise they’ve got that aspect right.

Super traction sole covering the toe for added security. It was a little bit of a wide shoe to make you feel at all times at the highest point of the terrain. It also has a really comfortable, flat, strong tongue that keeps sand and tiny particles out of the foot. It is suggested that you wear these shoes with thick socks. 


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for rugged use


  • Costly


Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent

roofing shoes 8

With these shoes, there’s not much of break-in time. The roomy foot box did not generate any muscle tension or hot spots on the feet, but it makes your feet slip a little inside. The fit is lighter than the usual hiking shoes.

The laces are thick and shaped like a rope. For example, you can also exchange laces for better ones. For the lacing method, we suggest going for certain designs that enable for more detailed modification (tight or loose) over the rim.

Like all the roofing shoes we’ve reviewed already, they’re also made of leather, especially suede leather and mesh. The shoe’s leather and the mesh material are what helps make it durable and breathable. It’s a closed-cell foam tongue that helps you to hold mud and other soil fragments out of your shoe. Its toe is made of rubber, and its synthetic rubber sole makes the shoe slip-resistant and the feet secure.

Merrell air cushion is fitted in the heels of these shoes for absorbing shock waves and for additional stability. It has lugs on the bottom for a good grip of the shoes on the ground, which is essential for athletes as well.

These shoes are priced at very affordable prices, starting from $62. Also, they are available in multiple colours as well as a great range of sizes.


  • Strong grip
  • Slip-resistant
  • Long life
  • Keep particles out 
  • Thick


  • It takes time to break-in


Thorogood American Gladiator 6.5

shoes for roofing work 9

Another pair of one of the best shoes for Roofing from Thorogood is American Heritage Lace-to-Toe roofer boots. They are made up of both leather and rubber with the upper made up of oil-tanned rubber. It has a cotton drill lining on the vamp.

Its removable polyurethane footbed allows your feet to relax within the shoe without causing burns and scars on your feet. It has a christy blown rubber wedge outsole adding to the toughness of this boot.

Apart from these useful boot features, it has a great style as well with laces along with the boot for locking your feet inside the boot. It has an attractive appearance and can be worn other than just work.


  • Insole is removable 
  • Casual style
  • Extreme grip on steep slopes
  • Firm and steady


  • Expensive


Buying Guide

Roofing Shoes Vs. Roofing Boots Vs. Overshoes

When you are searching for the roofing shoes, you might come across a number of options. But, before buying, it’s important to understand what roofing shoes, roofing boots and overshoes are so you can easily make a decision. 

Overshoes are add-ons that can be attached to your boots. They act as a gripper sole and are called ‘overshoes’ because these detachable products go on top of your shoes. Considering your preferences and budget, this is the best option, at times, without you having to buy another new pair of best shoes for Roofing.

At times, people are confused between boots and shoes. Some workers prefer the durability and heaviness of boots as it gives them a sense and a feeling of stability. Also, boots have superior traction ability. However, the problems with boots are that they aren’t as manoeuvre as a shoe. Also, you may not find as many designs to choose from when it comes to boots.

Shoes offer comparatively more cushioning, support and traction. They are also cheaper than a pair of boots.

It is essential for you to have the right set of equipment while working on a roof, but no one can guide you correctly about the kind of design that is best suited for you. It is something you will have to look at and decide for yourself as per your preferences.  Thankfully, each option has plenty of quality varieties to choose from.

Why Can’t I Use Regular shoes for Roofing?

You might want to wear your ordinary shoes for Roofing, but that is not a very good idea. Unless your shoes have the necessary features that can provide superior traction, offer safety from hot asphalt and can prevent roofing nails from hurting you, they cannot be considered as the best shoes for Roofing. 

Can You Use Roofing Shoes For Other Purposes?

Since roofing shoes are designed to be worn for roofing purposes only, they may not provide you with the feel or support required in other situations. Hence, it is best to buy a pair of roofing shoes that you use for roofing purposes only. 

Do You Need Different Shoes For Different Roof Materials?

Non-removable soft aluminium spikes are most suitable for metal roofing. However, shoes with strap-on spikes – which can be detached – are best if you tend to work on several surfaces. 

How Tight Should Roofing Shoes Be?

A proper lacing system makes your feet get snugged in the shoe, giving a feeling of security and comfort as you work and walk around the roof.

How Long Will A Pair Of Roofing Shoes Last?

Some shoes last several years if they are durable enough and if you take good care of them. However, make sure you check your shoe time and again to spot any signs of deterioration. If you find any signs, replace them as soon as possible to ensure your safety at work.

How do you walk on a roof safely?

Walking on roofs is quite risky, and this is exactly why trained professionals should be expected to do Roofing only. While working, you must have your best roofer shoe pair on, without any mud and dirt stuck on the sole of it. 

Marking the area, you will be working on to avoid people from entering and being electrocuted or preventing things from falling on passersby is a good way to avoid any unforeseen situations. Also, keep yourself away from the tile roof and slate to stay safe. 

Features To Look For In Good Roofing Shoes

There are quite a few aspects that you will have to take into account while picking the best roof walking shoes for yourself.

Sole Material and Design

The outsole style is one of the most critical things you’d have to remember when purchasing the right roofing shoes. Start by looking at the outsole of the shoe. The bottom must be made of synthetic or rubber of excellent quality and therefore, should be thick.

Adding to that, they ought to have a tread that’s forceful in design; don’t look for deep lugs or cutouts. There have to be the highest levels of contact between your shoes sole and the roof you will be working on or else there will be a risk that you will lose your balance if the shoe has very apparent lugs or are just too smooth.

In order to stay secure, the shoes must obtain the required amount of momentum. It has been reported that about 40 percent of the fatalities in the roofing industry is attributed to slippage. On the other hand, 75 percent of the fatalities are attributed to crashes.

Arch Support

If you have heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or some other kind of foot illness, we recommend that you choose roofing shoes that will give you the support you need. Even so, if the shoes don’t give arch support, you also could add an orthotics. Just please ensure your shoes have quite enough space for an orthotics to fit inside.

Upper Construction

Roofing shoes, overall, face a lot of abrasive materials. Materials including such asphalt shingles are uneven and jagged, and they contain granules, just like sandpaper. Shoes are often destroyed after coming in touch with these harsh fabrics and surfaces. Therefore, choosing a durable material, such as leather, is a better option, as cheap ones will not last for a long time.


No one wants to purchase new shoes each month, right? Most people go and buy cheap shoes that do not serve the purpose, but they buy it just because of the price factor. The reality is that the expensive ones will survive much longer and will increase their value, even if you have to spend a few extra dollars.


Did you know that more than 10% of deaths from Roofing are a result of electrocution? Electrical hazards can still be present, even when you’re not working with them.

 In lousy weather, there is always a risk of lightning strikes on top of transformers and live wires. If you are wearing a shock-resistant design, there’s no risk! The thick rubber sole acts as a shield against electricity and you remain protected and safe from any electricity flow. 

Snug Fit

Pull-on boots might seem easy to wear and perfect for work, but, in fact, they pose risks. While working on a roof, it’s better to opt for a system that starts from the top of your foot and goes up to your tongue. Laces keep your feet tight and comfortable. Also, make sure your laces do not open up or get loose, or you might trip and risk your life.


Working on a roof may mean carrying out various strenuous tasks time and again, standing for long hours or doing work that causes pressure on your feet. If your shoes aren’t comfortable enough, the tasks may lead to different kinds of pains and problems with your feet. 

While looking for your new roofing shoes, do not skip the element of comfort; closely check for cushioning and other supporting parts so that your roofing shoes prevent any plantar fasciitis, blisters or other foot ailments by absorbing shocks.

Weather is another point that you will have to consider. If you mostly work in hot areas under the heat, breathability is a factor that you should be concerned about. However, cold temperatures require proper insulation to maintain comfort levels. 

Final Thoughts

Roofing shoes are becoming a necessity; it has become important to get hands-on one of the best shoes for Roofing so you can prevent your feet from any damage. Just like hands, feet are equally important but often taken-for-granted. 

We have reviewed some of the best shoes for Roofing above just for your convenience. However, according to us the star of the show are Rax Men Multifunctional V-Tex with a 5/5 star rating, followed by Thorogood Men’s American Heritage. These shoes are our top pick because of the comfort level they provide, along with exceptional breathability, grip and durability features.

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