10 Best Womens Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete In 2021

Looking for the best women’s athletic shoes for walking on concrete?

If you have stumbled upon this website, you must be looking for shoes that can help you stand all the long. It can be quite hard to stand on concrete for long hours. For this reason, I have a list prepared for you where you can find the perfect shoes that help you stay comfortable in them.

After going through the product reviews on Amazon, I have compiled the best women’s athletic shoes for walking on concrete, so that you do not have to go through the product on Amazon yourself. You can find a variety of shoes from which you can choose a product that suits you the best. 

The 10 Best Women’s Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete

Orthofeet Proven Women’s Sneakers, Coral

1. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


Standing from morning to evening is no harder, thanks to these shoes, I can now guarantee you a product that makes you feel like standing on a cloud all day long no matter the number of hours. These shoes bring you the comfort you are looking for so that you can focus more on your work than become tired easily.

The shoes maintain your natural arch of the feet by gently hugging the curves and providing the stability you need without putting much pressure on your lower back. This means that you are back will not hurt when you are wearing shoes. At the same time, the muscles in your feet will not fatigue easily. 

They have rubber outsole, better arch support and greater shock absorbing capacity. They are the best for walking or standing, especially on concrete surfaces. They are one of the best running shoes. Even if you stand or walk, the arch support and shock absorbing capacity will make your feet comfortable.

Thanks to the advanced cushioning, the bed of the shoes has become much softer and comfortable. Similarly, the material and the insole of the shoe are very flexible that allows you to make swifter and prompt movements. 


  • The shoes are highly durable and make them last longer on concrete.
  • The material is resistant to any sort of slippage.
  • The excellent traction of the shoes helps in firm grip while walking.
  • Best for walking on concrete.
  • Keep your feet aligned while walking on hard concrete floors.
  • Better walking shoe and work shoe as well.


  • The narrow toe box crowds the toes of some people.


ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 (Best Shoes For Walking)

2. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


ASICS has never failed to impress buyers when it comes to making shoes. That is not only long-lasting but also very easy to wear running shoes like these to increase the productivity of the person who wears them. A great pair of walking shoes especially for a hard concrete floor or concrete surfaces.

The sole of the shoes is made of excellent quality that makes you feel like floating instead of walking. The product guarantees to put the least strain on the muscles of your lower legs. Furthermore, the shoes deliver the best form of traction and grip that you need to maintain stability on a rough surface. They have a greater shock absorbing capability, especially on concrete surfaces. Women with weak bones will find ease while walking on hard concrete floors.

They are slip resistant, best for standing on concrete floors, and keeps your feet aligned. They are indeed one of the best running shoes. They are good shoes for concrete as it will not make you feel fatigued.

You will now stay free of pain and backaches provided how easily the shoes help with maintaining the posture. The best part is that the shoes are made of a breathable mesh that makes you feel fresh and keeps odor away. You can wash the material easily, but at the same time, the shoes resist abrasions, and it is a perfect shock-absorber. 


  • It helps to maintain a maximum grip on any surface.
  • The breathable mesh keeps your toes free of moisture.
  • The improved cushioning puts little strain on your muscles.
  • It protects from cuts and wounds that you can get from a rough surface. 
  • Best for hard concrete floors.
  • Memory foam insole and best shoe for walking.
  • Non slip and best for standing all day.


  • Some buyers may have to look for a size up. 


New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Cross Trainer

3. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


It is of little surprise that New Balance has earned the trust of its consumers by delivering what they promised. The brand has made its name, and it is one of the top choices of most buyers who wear athletic shoes. No other brand can manage to compete or come as close to New Balance when it comes to making high-quality footwear. 

They are the best shoes for standing on concrete floors as they have memory foam and rubber outsole. They provide really nice arch support as well. They are non slip and best for standing all day.

The shoes’ excellent bedding comes with extra pads and cushioning that gives a comfortable layer to place your feet on. This makes you feel like stepping on a cloud. And when you are standing on a cloud, how quickly do you think you will fatigue?

These are the best Shoes for walking on concrete all day.

Good shoes will also help alleviate back pain that people suffer from as a result of standing for long periods. However, the case is the opposite of New Balance. You will feel fresh and active in shoes regardless of how long you wear or stand in them. 


  • It maintains maximum stability and comfort.
  • It improves your productivity and helps you stand for long hours.
  • The shoes come with enhanced padding and a firm fit. 
  • It prevents you from tripping that to the sturdy outsole.


  • Any kind of liquid may ruin the shoes.
  • No good for flat feet.


DLGJPA Women’s Quick Drying Shoes (Best Shoes For Standing)

4. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


What guarantees you a comfortable walk? The answer is pretty simple. The shoes need to be very light in weight so that your feet do not tire out easily and the shoes must have the cushions in the bed to help you stay on your feet during your work. 

Some jobs require you to keep moving round the clock with little time to rest. In such cases, a person needs nothing but shoes that turn into best-working partners, and DLGJPA promises you the same. You will notice a significant increase in your performance after wearing this. These might be the pain that you will fall in love with, no matter how many other pairs you own. These are among the best shoes for walking on concrete all day.

The laces help keep your feet in a firm enclosure so that the snug fit can give you the confidence to walk with more stability. The natural anatomy of the feet is also preserved thanks to the arch of the shoe that hugs the feet’s curves.

They have gel cushioning which makes shock absorbency easy. It helps to protect your feet.  


  • It greatly helps in staying on your toes.
  • The material is robust and resists wearing off. 
  • The cushions in the bed of the shoe help with comfort.
  • The shoes are light in weight to increase your number of steps. 
  • Mesh lining and leather uppers
  • Sustains for longer periods of time.


  • The material of the shoe may wear out earlier than the sole.


On Running Sneaker Cloud Whites (Best Shoes for Standing or Walking)

5. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


White shoes will never go out of trend. The shoes look cute on any outfit, and at the same keep you sane because now you do not have to worry about going to another day to work and exhaust yourself to nothingness. This pair of shoes is an absolute necessity, as they keep you comfy for as long as you are wearing them. 

The soles feel like sliding your feet in a cloud and floating on it instead of walking. The shoes ought to make it worth the purchase because once you do, you will know that it was no joke when the company said you are going to walk on a cloud. These are among the best shoes for walking on concrete all day.

The lightweight of the material is another feature that most buyers like about the shoe. In other words, this pair is a complete package for buying athletic shoes for women who tend to stand during their jobs. 


  • The cushion feels like a cloud, and it is airy. 
  • It easily accommodates wide feet.
  • The mesh keeps you fresh, no matter how high the temperature is. 
  • The shoes help improve performance.
  • Better than Asics gel series shoes.


  • May not last much longer on rough surfaces. 


YHOON Women’s Walking Shoes (Best For Walking On Concrete Floors)

6. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


When working on a site, one needs shoes that are sturdy, durable, and allows you to walk in them and not get tired soon. The shoes must also prevent an injury that may be debilitating. For this reason, YHOON has manufactured just the product. Even though it depends on your preference, I would suggest you consider buying this shoe in the end. This walking shoes is best for standing and walking. It is good for concrete floors and hard surfaces.

The reviews felt truthful and promising, and the brand has a good reputation. On the other hand, many buyers stated that they are never going to revert to other brands. They love wearing these shoes because of the excellent comfort and a pillowy bed of the shoe. At the same time, the shoe is designed to stabilize the natural anatomy of your feet. These are among the best shoes for walking on concrete all day.

Slip-on shoes are often very convenient and offer great traction. It saves time while giving you the snug fit that you need. A good fit only means that you can now have a confident gait and posture. 


  • It is highly durable for long term use. 
  • It resists slippage and guarantees a good grip. 
  • It resists abrasions and keeps feet secure.
  • The breathable mesh keeps you dry even in the hottest weather. 
  • Greater shock absorption technology.
  • Full grain leather upper and easy to clean with a removable insole.
  • Best for hard concrete surfaces.


  • The decreased cushioning near the ball of the shoes is concerning. 


Gravity Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk (Best For Walking on Hard Concrete Floors)

7. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


Sometimes bad footwear gets on your nerves and significantly affects your day. You can prevent this from happening by considering making this purchase. The all-new Gravity Defyer is rapidly gaining customer’s best reviews, and why not. The product is seemingly just perfect. You can wear this with almost any outfit. You can wear it to work and even evening parties. 

The shoe sure looks sporty has a lot to offer. The sole feels as if you are bouncing with every step instead of walking. The material is quite lush and provides that extra softness to stay on foot all day long. You can also expect these shoes to help alleviate other foot problems or foot abnormalities. They give comfort and support while walking on hard surfaces.

The best part is that you can also add your favorite orthosis inside the shoe, as it provides ample space for a custom orthosis. Now you can stay relaxed and comfortable with little to worry about a bad fit. These are the best shoes for walking on concrete.


  • It absorbs all kinds of shocks and impacts on the feet.
  • Best for walking on concrete.
  • It supports foot problems like plantar fasciitis.
  • The shoe includes extra space for wide toes and custom orthosis.
  • The synthetic fabric keeps you cool and dry. 
  • Better shock absorption/ shock absorbing capacity.
  • Good for standing on hard surface.


  • The price of the shoes is higher compared to other products. 


Dreamcity Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

8. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


You can expect this footwear to bring you the utmost comfort and become your new best footwear. Its great ability to bounce-back and help you alleviate any sort of foot problems you may have. You can trust this product to help you with any problem you may face with other footwear. The lightweight of the midsole makes your steps lighter and more efficient. They are a great pair of shoes for walking on concrete.

You can run around the concrete field with no worries of getting injured because of the terrain. The shoe has got you saved from all kinds of impacts. Even during the hottest days of summer, these shoes will make your feet fresh and free of sweat by allowing them to breathe. It will keep you cool and not irritate you with sweat in between your toes. They are non slip and makes it best for standing and walking all day.

The excellent grip of the shoes is commendable. It promises to provide maximum grip even on surfaces that are somewhat slippery or wet. The added feature of a rubber sole is another reason why the grip is incredible. 


  • The shoes come with excellent grip even on wet surfaces. 
  • The breathable mesh keeps you cool and dry.
  • The product is available in various colors.
  • These walking shoes are good for standing on concrete floors.
  • A lightweight sole helps in prompt movements. 
  • They have padded tongue and collar.


  • The quality of the shoes is questionable after a few days. 


Crocs Women’s LiteRide Pacer Sneaker

9. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


What is a buyer’s top choice when it comes to making a footwear purchase? A buyer is looking for a product that does not hurt their calf or lower back muscles. Crocs are now providing footwear that seamlessly spreads the weight of your body evenly on the bed of the shoes. 

The cushion helps in maintaining the weight, putting the least pressure on the muscles of your legs or back. When your weight is uniformly spread on the shoes, it helps alleviate muscle aches and improves your functioning. Even for individuals with high BMI, such shoes play a crucial role in improving stability while walking and not exhausting your lower body. These shoes are slip resistant and ease walking on concrete floors.

The comfort that these shoes bring is real. Many purchasers agreed that the product facilitates standing for long hours, and after getting these Crocs, they were able to stay strong throughout the day. The foam is highly durable and soft and offers great flexibility. 


  • The shoes provide maximum flexibility.
  • The pores in the shoe allow air to keep you fresh.
  • The sole is extremely soft to wear.
  • Great for walking on concrete.
  • Best shoes for standing.
  • The laces maintain a snug fit for your feet.
  • Prevents foot fatigue and keep your feet cool.


  • The shoes may not support certain foot medical problems. 


Troadlop Women Sneakers Athletic Shoes (Best Walking Shoes)

10. Best Women's Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


A person who works all day long must have great fitness and great shoes that help them stay active all day long. This chic style slip-on had me raving about them for months. When I purchased these shoes, I felt like standing on soft fur. The insole is extremely soft. It made me want to wear them even inside the house. 

Even the prices of the shoes is not a bad call. The reasonable price is what got my attention at first. Then after thoroughly reviewing because online products may not be what they are advertised, I was satisfied that many people had positive comments about the product. To my surprise, the shoes have so much to offer compared to the price. These will be great for walking on concrete since they are slip resistant and have arch support.

It is a complete package for people like me who need to look classy and stay comfortable in footwear for long hours. If someone has wide feet, they should consider buying a half size up because the toe box might squeeze their toes, otherwise. Also, it prevents foot fatigue and increases support and comfort.


  • These walking shoes are slip resistant. 
  • It is easy to wear and take off, which saves a lot of time. 
  • Great for running and walking on concrete.
  • The material is very soft and keeps the feet unhurt. 
  • It is light in weight and allows feet to breathe. 
  • High quality comfort and support


  • The material may wear off after a few months. 


Buying Guide 

What Type Of Shoe Is Best For Standing On Concrete All Day?

The type of shoes that keep you comfortable on concrete are the shoes you should consider buying. Standing anywhere is not an easy job. It takes a great toll on your lower body, and some individuals may suffer from chronic back pain because standing constantly can greatly reduce the distance between two vertebrae present in our spine. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for shoes that put little fatigue on your calf muscles, your foot muscles, and your lower back to help you stay on your feet for consecutive hours. Also, the sole must include sufficient padding to keep your feet in shape and free of pain. This will be great for standing on concrete as well as walking on concrete.

Look for the following qualities in the walking shoes before purchase:

  • They have arch support while walking on hard concrete floors.
  • They keep your feet aligned on hard surfaces.
  • They have shock absorbing facility on concrete surfaces.
  • The running shoes should have a rubber outsole.
  • If work shoes, they should have memory foam insoles so walking on hard surfaces keeps your feet in comfort.

Likewise, a good shoe will include space for an orthosis, which provides additional support when walking. All these factors greatly contribute to what kind of shoe you must wear to a place where you will have to walk on concrete for most of the day. 

Does Standing On Concrete Hurt Your Knees?

If a person is standing on any surface for many hours, it will have a significant impact on your knees. There is a natural distance present in our knees. The two bones that come together to make the knee need this space to promote the knee joint movement. So, make sure your walking shoes are slip resistant.

When standing for many hours, the weight of the upper body puts pressure on the knees and reduces the natural space between them. Once space is reduced, the joint movement is severely affected. It may also hurt to move the knee. 

Is Walking Barefoot On Concrete Bad?

If one walks barefoot on concrete, they might suffer from cuts and abrasions, or even deeper wounds. To save yourself from this mess, it is best to wear shoes that bring relief to you and protect your feet from unpredictable wounds. Concrete is a rough surface, and it may hurt your feet to walk barefoot on it. 

On the other hand, walking barefoot may also flatten the natural arch of your feet. It may also roughen your feet and give cracks in your heel. Walking barefoot on any surface is not recommended, especially if a person has some foot condition or if they are suffering from diabetes. It is strictly prohibited for such people to walk barefoot. Many doctors suggest they need to take extra care of themselves and their feet. 

How Do I Keep My Feet From Hurting On Concrete?

The best way is to wear shoes and limit your walk. You should consider doing things while sitting, as well. You should only move around when it is an utmost necessity and do not stand aimlessly. 

It is a must to give your back some time to relax, and the muscles in your calves improve. If you practice more sitting and less standing, it will significantly alleviate the pain from your feet. It becomes even more crucial when you are required to stand and walk almost every day. Such people include workers at a construction site. 


The shoes on our list have been carefully chosen to meet all your needs. Walking on concrete is no easy task. For this reason, the shoes on the list include features that you are looking for like extra padding, cushioning, incredible fit, soft insole, durable material, light in weight, and above all the shoe must have ample space to give you room for movement and to place an orthosis. 

For these specific reasons, my favorite product from the list is Troadlop Women Athletic Shoes, followed by Orthofeet Proven Plantar Women’s Sneakers, Coral

Both these shoes promise you high quality and magnificent support for your muscles. It also offers great comfort to people who have to stand for many hours.

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