Can running shoes help with compartment syndrome?

Are you having second thoughts about running because you’re suffering from Compartment Syndrome? Then you’re looking at the right place to look for an answer. You can run even if you’re suffering from compartment syndrome. 

Although, In many cases, running for long hours can cause chronic pain in your feet. But you can avoid this type of pain by choosing the right pair of running shoes. The right pair of high-quality running shoes ensure normal blood flow and offers you comfortable running every day.

In the rest of the article, we’ll explore how the right pair of running shoes can help with your Compartment Syndrome.

Do runner Shoes help Compartment Syndrome?

Yes. A good pair of high-quality runner shoes is a must-go option if you’re suffering from compartment syndrome. The flexible material in Running Shoes for Compartment Syndrome allows your feet to spread blood well enough.

They don’t only offer you comfort while running. Good air also decreases blood vessels and muscles pressure, resulting in your feet relaxing. The one-layer sole of the forefoot reduces the compression and stress, causing swelling.

About Compartment Syndrome

Compartment Syndrome causes intense pain in the feet muscles due to internal bleeding, pressure, or swollen muscles. The swollen condition causes squeezing the blood vessels resulting in low supplies of oxygen and nutrients. 

The constant blood vessels squeezing results in permanent paralysis or chronic pain as the leg cannot function properly. The condition of this syndrome occurs in the lower part of the leg.


You’ll find two types of compartment syndrome among the sufferer. The two types are:

  • Acute Compartment Condition

Acute Compartment condition happens due to fracture or broken bone in the leg. Mostly the patient from serious leg injury or accident suffers from Acute Compartment Syndrome.

  • Chronic Compartment Condition

Chronic Compartment condition develops over time. The athletic class and the older people are the primary sufferers of the condition. Repetitive exercise or intense muscle work can lead to a chronic condition.

Therapies can deal with the damage done in Chronic Compartment conditions. But to heal from an Acute condition, one must get treatment from doctors to avoid permanent paralysis.


Usually, most persons suffer from compartment syndrome which is extensive pressure on the leg muscles. 

Here are the reasons that can lead one’s leg to 

  • Internal injury resulting in bleeding
  • Severe bruises in the leg muscles.
  • Leg fractures
  • Tight bandaging on the leg muscles.


Common symptoms of this syndrome are that one has to go through a long period with chronic pain. 

The symptoms of Acute condition may include:

  • Intense pain while muscle stretching.
  • Muscle tightening
  • Tenderness
  • Burning sensation in the swelling spot.

Symptoms in the case of Chronic conditions tend to increase gradually. Some of the signs in chronic condition are:

  • Pain in the arterial compartment gradually increases with movement or leg activity.
  • Visible inflated muscles.
  • Itching sensation in the swelling part. 

How To Choose Running Shoes for Compartment Syndrome?

When it comes to choosing the best pair of running shoes for compartment syndrome, you can’t rely on any brand or type. Rather you should focus on specific features to find the perfect one for your use. 

In this section, we’ve gathered some key features that you should consider while choosing shoes:


Inappropriate cushioning in running shoes can cause compartment syndrome. As the cushioning offers you comfort from any impact or shock while running, it’s essential to make sure that the cushioning is plushy enough.

The softness of running shoes gives you a comforting feeling to ease and reduce the pain while running.


In the case of compartment syndrome, flexibility of running shoes matters as much as any other features. If your shoe is not flexible enough, you can’t make turns or move your ankle as you want. The Flexibility of the shoe sole supports you to run on the uneven surface by flexing your feet curve according to surface nature.

It’s best to practice wearing the shoes before buying them to ensure the shoes will provide the maximum rate of blood flow.


Falling in the ground while running is both embarrassing and dangerous. It worsens when you suffer from compartment syndrome, as falling can cause injuries. Running shoes with more traction and grip on the sole will allow you better control while running in all conditions.

Zero Drop

A zero drop running shoe allows your heel and toes to be at the same level. The zero-drop position is the natural position of feet while standing barefoot. And this is the best position if you want to avoid the pain caused by compartment syndrome. 

Zero drop shoes with cushioning are the best option to consider, whereas other types of shoes will elevate your hill up to 10mm.

Heel Design

The curving heel system of running shoes can make your feet situation worse than it was. Uneven heel height can cause different pressure on the feet, resulting in muscle cramps. 

The ideal distance between toe to feet of heel shoes shouldn’t be more than 8mm.


Mesh fabric is one of the best materials for the upper body of running shoes. Mesh fabrics allow the air to ventilate, preventing excessive heat from getting rid of sweat. 


Running shoes are not those pairs you buy and only take them out to wear once or twice a year. Your running pair are for regular use, and that’s why it should last for a long time. If your shoe is damaged after only a few runs, then it’ll be a total waste of your money.

Try to choose a pair made from rubber or synthetic and ventilated material PU or TPU. These materials ensure maximum durability for the users.

Final Thought

Compartment Syndrome leads to severe damage in the nerves and muscles if not treated and cared for in time. A wrong pair of running shoes can increase the pain for you. Proper medication, therapy, and surgery(if needed) can cure the syndrome permanently.

If you are still doubtful whether running shoes can help you with the situation or not, you can ask a doctor for a professional opinion.

Choose the best suitable pair of running shoes for your feet and start running daily to enjoy the fresh morning air. A well-supported comfortable pair won’t let you feel any extra pressure or stress on your feet while running.

Feel free to suggest any tips with us in the comment box. 

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